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Saturday, 26 September 2015

it is official, and I don't mean the weather

Start of autumn - time of misty mornings and cobwebs. We are having some glorious sunny days right now, although the nights are very cold; the heating has been on in the evenings.

There is still some colour in the garden.

The Editorial in the latest issue of the Quiltmania magazine talks about a study conducted by the
University of Glasgow with a group of thirty quilters.
The conclusion?
That this activity is is extremely beneficial to our health. The article is quite long, but I will just quote this part:

"Mathematics, geometry, accuracy, working with matching colours, particularly bright colours, which stimulate the brain, planning a task, developing a project and sewing with precision are among the tasks needed for Quilting and which make many million neurones work together to obtain magnificent quilts at the end of the process! Add to this the social network, the benefits of sharing a passion, 
the communication and solidarity found in a group, the challenges".... ..............."and you have one of the best mental exercise regimes to keep a clear, quick and razor sharp mind! 
No other activity can provide all these benefits!"
It goes on to say that from nursery age through to care homes - "don't lose a moment, put down the Sudoku and the crosswords. Not only is Quilting a more complete activity but you will also have the immense satisfaction and pride of having completed your project - as the sense of fulfilment is important as well!"

Of course, we already knew that, didn't we?

The weather has been too good to sew indoors, so I managed to stitch only 3 more sets of flying geese sets.

I have been doing some work on a couple of small projects, which are easily taken outside.

This is no 5 (out of 12) in Santa's Village set of cross stitch embroideries,

and the 4 finished to date.

I have also started stitching the Pansy Tile from the Pansy Collection by Sue Hawkins.

I already made the Pansy Needlebook from the same collection a while back. 
I love it, I use it all the time.

Thank you for visiting my blog and having the patience to read it!

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  1. Dear Radka.
    Your stitcheries are wonderful :-). By such nice weather one have to stay as much as possibly outside. We will have plenty of time to sit inside and sew later on.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi, Radka. As usual, your stitching is lovely. The Santa's village is beautiful and I just LUV that pansy tile. I also enjoyed your previous post about your Granddaughter's talents. Aren't grandkids wonderful?

    Best, nadia

  3. I love the quote from the magazine-- very true. Yesterday, I was showing DH what I have decided to start on-- he looked at me and said that it was obvious a woman's brain works differently to a male one! I must show him the quote-- he might just think differently!. Love all your projects-- they are lovely and bright.

  4. I haven't written before but have been reading your beautiful blog for several years. I enjoy following along with your activities. Everything you do is beautiful. I learn so much about design in nature and textiles. Thank you for sharing your blog.

  5. what amazing spider webs must check out and see if I have any.
    Very interesting the article about quilting, yes it certainly stimulates my brain, sometimes I think too much as I wake so early with ideas etc and cannot get back to sleep.
    I think Sue Hawkins is one of the best if not the best designer we have her work is always so beautiful, love seeing her stand at the shows and you are certainly doing it justice

  6. Thank you so much for mentioning Sue Hawkins - I have been trying to remember her name for the last week!
    Lovely pansy and more beautiful geese. xx

  7. Radka, you have some beautiful stitcheries...and that cake looks amazing...

  8. Beautiful projects and photography!


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