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Saturday, 6 February 2016


Yes, it was that time of month again - get together over at Cheryll's; although she wasn't in, she still let us used her blog - thank you Cheryll! 
I missed last month, so it was the first one for me this year, a chance to meet up with everyone last night.
The weather in this part of the world is definitely "stitching weather", the rain is coming down in sheets and the wind just takes your umbrella away.

So, what was I up to?

In my post "2001 Blocs", just before the end of January, I wrote about a book of the same name, published by Quiltmania. 
The lovely people at Quiltmania are now running a Mystery Quilt 2016, The Tuesday with Flowers,  
using blocks from the book. On the last Tuesday of each month they publish 2 blocks, which are free and downloadable. The first 2 (very easy) blocks, published in January, are now on their website.

Last night I started with block no 2 (I could not decide on a colour combination for block no 1);


and finished block.

A month is a long time for 2 blocks, so it is easy to fit them in between other projects, and at the same time to use up some of the fabric stash we all seem to have.

Earlier in the week I did some more embroidery on the side panel of Yoko Saito's box.
I am doing embroidery instead of applique here, because the applique pieces would be so, so small.

I am not happy about the green, it just doesn't look anything here; I will have to unpick it ( I hate doing that!) and think of another colour......

Thank you for visiting my blog,
come back soon!

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  1. Dear Radka,
    Nice colour choice for the flowers and you stitching is incredible -
    have a nice weekend -

  2. Before unpick (I hate too)try outline the greens with a golden/yellow thread or any other colour you like more with a coral knot stitch or palestinia stitch. (trying to save your work :) )

  3. Lovely stitcheries and flowers.Ate you sewing at night??:-)))
    hugs Gudrun

  4. Love you block, the colours look great on the printed fabric. As always I love your embroideries !!

  5. What a cheery appliquéd flower! I like the background fabric. Another suggestion for the leaves, addd some darker threads to them, shadowing the darker color might add some definition.

  6. Love your "flower pot".....very colourful and happy.

  7. Great appliqued flower block!

  8. the block is so lovely and the embroidery is coming along well too, I agree the green is a bit pale but know you will come up with the right shade

  9. Hi fellow FNWF crafter. What about a bright emerald green for the embroidery? The bright fabrics you used on the floral block are wonderful!

  10. Pretty fabrics in your block, so colorful. Your embroidery work is beautiful.

  11. Beautiful quilting and embroidery! Have a nice day!

  12. How I miss Quiltmania! I have to make a new subscription.

  13. That is such a fun block! Such happy spring flower colours. Your embroidery is so pretty too, I love how the colours look against the grey background.


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