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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Les Fleurs du Mardi 3 & 4

Quiltmania published blocks 3 & 4 last Tuesday (see my previous posts about their BOM) and here are my versions:

block no 3

and block no 4

I am not quite sure about no 4, that is the only problem with mystery BOM, you don't know what is coming next. But I will leave it for now, we'll see how it develops. I can always re-do it later.

So, first 2 months - 4 blocks.

I have also finished all the large sets of flying geese, these are the last 3.

I will now be able to lay all the 30 sets out and decide on positions of individual sets for the main part of the quilt top; the are all different, no two are the same, so I hope I'll get it right.
But this is not the end of flying geese; now will come 20 more, smaller sets, for two inner side borders of the quilt. I am beginning to feel like a goose myself! 
May be I will take of soon :-)

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a very good stitching week!

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Helen said...

Beautiful fabrics and blocks !!

margaret said...

beautiful applique and the 4th block looks fine it tones in well with block 2. So many geese yes be careful we do not want you taking flight!

Lin said...

All such gorgeous colours Radka and beautiful fabrics. xx

Sew Quilt Designs said...

Looks great and the fabrics are lovely!

JaneGardner said...

Absolutly stunning blocks!!!

Pettas said...

Looks så good! Beautiful! :)

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