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Saturday, 25 February 2017

snowdrops - what you didn't know (nor did I)

Our small town celebrated its first Snowdrop Festival last week. 
Organized by the local Horticultural Society, the preparations started last year; hundreds of snowdrop bulbs were planted by volunteers on the main roundabout on the approach to the town, and they are all showing their beauty now.
By next spring they will be more established and there will be even more of them.

Why? Because there is a little know connection to the town of Shepton Mallet:

The main part of the festival took part through the High Street, which was decorated with snowdrops in various forms and with stalls selling snowdrop plants; there were workshops for children making drawings and paper snowdrops. Many High Street shops took part too, decorating their windows with snowdrop displays.

I forgot to take my camera, so I borrowed some pictures from Creative Somerset blog and the Festival Facebook.


Do pop over to the blog  here and here, to see Helen's wonderful picture, mixed media artwork called "Dancing Snowdrops", displayed (picture above) in the window of One Craft Gallery in the High Street.

What else have I been up to this past week?

It has been a bad last few days as far as the weather was concerned, although our part of the world seemed to have the easiest time. Definitively time to hibernate.

Seville oranges, which had been in my fridge since January, needed to be processed, so time for marmalade.
My way of making an orange marmalade is very simple - cook the oranges, chop it all up and boil with sugar. 


Now we can look forward to that zingy freshness on the toast, with fresh coffee, sitting outside in our little garden, on a warm summer morning (yes, I am an optimist ūüėÄ).

Chateau Hexagon - I finished the gardens some time ago,

  and last night I finished the chateau also.
It is now waiting to be put together.

The Quilters Patch quilt - I made a start -
block no 1, the "Cosmos block".

Today is a really dull and wet day.
Good day to be in the kitchen and do some baking -  
this is one of my favourite biscuit recipes - Ottolenghi's white chocolate and cranberries.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. snowdrops look lovely I had one out in my garden a couple of weeks ago!Tasty nibbles too. Quilting also looks good especially liking the cosmos blocks

  2. How fascinating about the snowdrops! Great that they are making a festival and hopefully one day I will be around to see them all in bloom. Chateau Heaxagon is looking lovely. xx

  3. Thanks for lovely photos and inspiering sewing.

  4. What a wonderful festival and delicious treats! The quilts are coming along marvelously.

  5. How nice, very interesting reading! Love snowdrops!

  6. you have been busy too! I love snowdrops and I am slowly planting them in our garden. I have driven through Shepton Mallet many times and I didn't know about the snowdrop connection, it looks like it was a wonderful festival

  7. I love sniwdrops but none here yet, just now it's snowing in Stockholm. This winter will never end. Love you quilt too


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