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Saturday, 5 May 2018


Friday Night with Friends
A new month and another get together at Cheryll's
 for Friday Night with Friends. 

Cheryl wasn't in, but she let us use her place anyway.
Thanks Cheryll, we enjoyed the evening.

I will do the rounds later to see what the rest of the group was up to last night.

What was I doing?

This week I have been concentrating on my "Hygge", Scheepjes CAL 2017 (rather neglected during the winter). 
I am really enjoying it at the moment, so I just carried on last night. 
This afternoon I took my crochet in the garden with me - we are having a beautiful warm weekend -  crochet is just the right project for outside. 
I am now coming to the mid point of this beautiful design, a crochet and embroidered shawl.

A pair of doves were keeping me a company - 
they seemed to have "adopted" us and are visiting most days.

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  1. So much work in your scarf, looks great.lovely photo of the doves.

  2. Love your scarf lots of work. The dove looks right at home.

  3. How nice to be able to sit out in the garden and work on your beautiful scarf and have the doves keep you company.

  4. OOH you are clever Radka. It's looking lovely.

  5. Your shawl is beautiful, what a great idea, your stitches are so neat and detailed. Glad you had company :)

  6. Looking great Radka and how lovely to have company! Great weather here too. xx

  7. What an interesting project Radka , so pretty . We have doves as well 😊

  8. Hi Radka beautiful work my friend and love the dove pic,hope you have a lovely day xx

  9. Very pretty - so bright and cheery.


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