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Sunday, 27 May 2018

GDPR - and all that

We have had some great weather in May, and as you can see from my posts, we have been making most of that. 
I have been spending lots of time outside, and not much sewing is going on at the moment.
I have been taking my crochet outside, but I have also managed to get through a couple of books.
The rain has arrived now; the timing is not great, as we are having a long weekend here in UK, but but our garden has welcomed it!

The other thing which has been occupying my time, is this whole new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force a couple of days ago.
For most of bloggers this has been a great mystery, and there has been a lot speculation and some panic out there - what to do to make your blog to comply, or even some bloggers opting out for stopping blogging completely - what a shame!
There are however some, who have done a lot of research, and kindly have been publishing their findings on their blogs (the ones I have come across are mainly German blogs), and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to them, because it has helped me enormously. There has been a very little help from Blogger (judging from the comments on their forum), only the advice to get a legal help - how many of us can afford to that?

So, I have made some small changes to my blog:
I removed from my side bar anything which could be misunderstood as advertising, like "Interesting Links" section, other links, and a link to my Pinterest.
I have also created (with a help from other blogs) Privacy & Disclaimer page, which you see as another page at the top of my blog.
The only concession I can see from Google has been a message about the use of cookies (when you visit another blog), but as this happens only on your first visit to a particular blog, I have copied this message to the top of my blog, to be seen at every visit to my blog.

The Privacy page has been created to the best of my abilities, considering I know next to nothing about the legal side of the new regulation; although some of it is a common sense conclusion.

Also, possibly because Google has been doing some work on Blogger, the function, which alerted me by email to new comments being posted on my blog, has now gone. It means that I no longer receive a notification to my mail box, and as a result it takes me longer to realise that there has been a new comment posted, and I can't answer directly. Again, if you read comments on Blogger forum, I am not the only one who suddenly has this problem. Lets hope this is just temporary and this function will be re-instated.

So, enough of that, lets get back to something more interesting!

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