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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

aurifil threads

                                          Welcome to my new "sweet shop"!

                                                          Aurifil threads

I  discovered this beautiful Italian thread when I was doing stitcheries for the Scandinavian Hearts tablecloth and my baking cloth.
I also used it for quilting my Tail Feathers quilt. I like their colour shades and the way the threads handle.
Aurifil 100% Egyptian cotton threads come in 4 thicknesses, Mako 12, 28, 40, and 50, the lowest number being the thickest. It also seems to wash well, and depending on the Mako you use, suitable for any job.
I have at last found a very helpful UK website, stocking Mako 28, 40 and 50. If they haven't got the shade you want, they will order it for you.
Meg at New Threads Quilt Shop has been very kind and ordered me a couple of shades in Mako12, which I want to use for Easter tablecloth and to do some embroidery on my "Spring" quilt and Mako 40 for quilting it.

My "Spring" quilt is ready and waiting for the lovely threads to arrive.


  1. Hello
    Thanks for helping me with my computer promblems. I think I have it under control now.
    About the hair, I have tried to use your concept too but I didn´t like myself when I looked in the mirror.
    Today it isn´t any sewing for me. I´m just a housewife with baking and cleanig. Just too booring! :-)
    Have a nice day/Gudrun

  2. Grrrr....damn snowdrops...still -21 here. I still really like your slide show...

  3. It's the only thread I ever use- I used to sell it in my shop and lots of ladies said it was the only thread their machine liked. The only place I could buy it from at the time was Custom Quilting in Ireland.
    The colour chart is just lovely to look at and agree a nice addition to any sweet shop.

  4. Radka, I also love Aurifil thread. The 12wt is great for hand embroidery and cross stitch. Saves having to 'split' your threads, just take a piece off the reel, thread needle and stitch.

  5. Those threads look interesting Radka. I had seen them advertised in one of my magazines, but haven't tried any of them so far. The spring quilt looks like a winner, can't wait to see what it's like when finished.

  6. I like your Spring Quilt very much - it looks really fresh!


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