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Sunday, 20 February 2011

saturday workshop

A list of requirements and a title "Stitch a Gem", that was all I knew before I set out on a lovely spring morning for our Embroiderer's Guild workshop yesterday. It turned out to be embroidered pendants.

So, a few pieces of felt, sheers, pelmet Vilene, bondaweb, embroidery and beads later, this is my two sided pendant.

Isn't it lovely to see the signs of spring?


  1. That pendant is delightful. I love your new header too. Shows us that Spring is on it's way.

  2. Oh my Gud, beatyful pictures makes me believe in a spring in this year too. Beautyful embroiderer´s too

  3. charming pendant! but the header!!! makes me want to spit (still -17 here)

    my word verification will be
    'tootop' I kind of like that.

  4. Great little pendant and oh YES great to see signs of spring. I even heard birds this morning.

  5. Lovely pendant Radka. I imagine it was a fun workshop. Love the colour. Isn't it nice to see the plants sprouting new life after such a cold winter. I am sure these are only a few of the many delights we shall see from your garden again, so looking forward to your beautiful blooms again. Love the header photo too.

  6. Hello Radka, your nbew header bring spring on your blog. so pure and lovely... And the heart pandent are so cute... very lovely

  7. What a lovely pendant and how wonderful to actually finish a workshop project. I will look forward to seeing lots more photos as Spring arrives in your garden. Take care.

  8. The pendant is delightful. sounds as if you really enjoyed your day.

    Spring is so welcome this year after what has seemded to be a long winter. I saw two squirels today when I went out with the dogs, and a blue tit yesterday.


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