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Saturday, 5 February 2011

yellow hardanger

I started this yellow hardanger tablecloth last summer and since then it was very close to becoming another UFO, so I am very pleased with myself for finishing it at last.

                                                    Fabric: Minster Linen - 28ct
                                     Threads: DMC Cotton Perle 5 & 8, shade 676


  1. Radka, your tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous! I am sure that you will use it a lot, and doesn't it feel great to have it all finished? You do lovely, lovely work!



  2. Wow , wonderful tabelcloth!!! I have tried Hardangersøm ones when I was young.. It was not a good expirience, I always cut up too much and ruined what I just had finished. ( He he , did you understand what I meant??)

  3. So so pretty Radka and the colours set it off beautifully...check my blog i have my first giveaway x

  4. Looks gorgeous. I love hardanger. I even started playing around with some myself this morning before deciding it was cool enough to pull everything out of the shed and throw out most of it. What a stinky job it was too. Then I hit the garden pulling out anything that wasn't starting to come back to life. The lawns were wild so now I am tired. Good thing I decided silverside in the slow cooker for tea and Lance is taking care of it for me.

  5. Beautiful work - I have never tried hardanger work - it looks lovely!

  6. Radka, this piece of hardanger is one of my favourites. I love yellow, as you know. The design is beautiful. I hope you enjoy using it. It's so nice to get things out and finish them isn't it. Well done to you.

  7. So beautiful! I newer had seen those in yellow before. Thank you for nice comment on my blog!

  8. I can believe its hand work, so neat and stitches are so perfect and with such accurate measurement... fabulous Radka...

  9. So pretty work.I like so much and I can´t made it,its perfect.Happy weekend from Spain.Aurori


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