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Saturday, 21 April 2012

are you afraid of witches?

We all know stories of "wicket witches" from our childhood. And they are just that, fairy tales.
But there were times, a long ago, when witches were the "real thing", or at least that is what people used to think, and they were afraid of them and many of them were executed.
Later this year it will be 400 years since the famous trial of Pendle Witches in Lancaster, and their execution which followed. You can read more about the Pendle Witches here and here .
This part of history of course helps the local tourism industry today.
Interestingly, there was a petition presented to UK Home Secretary in 1998 asking for witches to be pardoned, but it was decided that their convictions should stand!

I like to think of witches as wise women, with powers which the knowledge of herbs and healing gave them.
 This witch has been flying on her broomstick in my house for many years now.
Not an easy picture to take, as she gets some speed up!

I like to think that she puts a spell on anyone wishing us harm, but she probably doesn't ;-). There is an old horseshoe somewhere around here, just in case she is not as good as I think she is :-)

All through the history the man was destroying anything he was afraid of, due to ignorance and lack of understanding (or political reasons).
We have come a long way since then. Or......have we?


  1. I have always been a fan of whitches xx I especially like Terry Pratchets sort !! x

  2. I think your witch looks pretty swisho Radka!! I doubt she'd be a nasty one.........LOL...... You are quite right, many people have been taken to task over the years, simply because of ignorance and lack of understanding. One would hope those days are in the past, but you do wonder sometimes.......

    Sometimes I think I could be a witch. After all, I love nothing better than stirring a big pot of something, anything, be it soup, stew, or colouring fabric.

  3. What a fine looking witch Radka.

    I hope she brings you luck and peace.

  4. She's a gorgeous witch Radka, I would rather see her in childrens picture books!
    Yes ignorance and prejudice were common traits a century or so ago.
    Anyone who was a little different - eccentric even - were considered suspect.

    Thank goodness a little education has moved us on!!!

    Hope you're enjoying a warm leisurely weekend in your garden!
    I've just come in from spending the afternoon in mine.
    Autumn is well and truly here now and my roses are looking very sad!!! It's almost time for them to bed down for winter.
    And so the cycle continues!


  5. Mm! Witches, it's an interesting subject. Many so called were totally innocent and just had knowledge of healing herbs. Yours is friendly looking, so I hope she guards your house well.

  6. I don't think we have moved on much at all. Knowing many folk who are suspiscious of not only foreigners, but of people who live only a 100 miles away, it grieves me to think of their small mindedness.
    Poor witches. :-(

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Ahoj Radko,
    Tak už jsou tady zase - pálení čarodějnic býval v mém dětství jeden z mnoha hezkých dnů.Vyrůstala jsem na vesnici a tam se na tyto obyčeje dbalo a mívali jsme radost všechny děti, z hořící vatry,harmoniky a písniček.Přeji Ti hezké májové dny ahoj Libuše

  9. An interesting tradition, as it once threatened the people, but to see such a monster that is not nice view.
    Radka, thank you for visiting my blog, you made me this great joy, and I invite you all, and others too,
    warm greetings :)))

  10. I love your witch Radka and also am a fan of witches in general. When as a young child (being tall and gangly!!) my mother used to dress me up for parties as a witch, so have to love them.


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