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Friday, 27 April 2012

unexpected bonus - day at the seaside

I needed a new part for my car. The dealer for the make of my car is in Weymouth, on the south Dorset coast. Yes, of course we could had asked them to post it! But we never miss an opportunity for a day out, and with a bit of luck, a walk on a beach, a blustery one by expectations.

So, after all that rain and cold, with the weather forecast very iffy, with warm jumpers and raincoats, we drove to Weymouth.

The last part of our journey was on a recently completed new road, ready for this summer's Olympics.
Weymouth is going to be the centre for sailing competitions.
The old road to Weymouth used to be bumper to bumper during summer months.
The day turned out to be better then we thought it would, dry with lots of sunshine.
There are improvements in progress along the front.

As the day went on, the sunshine was getting warmer and warmer.

What better then sit in the sunshine, enjoying our cup of coffee, with the view of the sea and watching the world go by.....

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Hmm, posadit se a pozorovat moře, to by se mi taky moc líbilo. Já dnes pozorovala alespoň rybník. Sluníčko sálalo jako v létě, bylo to příjemné. Trochu bych ho k vám poslala. Tak hezký sluníčkový den!

  2. I love to see pictures from England. You had a lovely day out and enjoyed it.

  3. Bellissima giornata e posto stupendo, il cielo è meraviglioso. Baci

  4. You live in lovely part of England ,but then again most of England is nice.We love watching Escape to the Country and always love what we see .Looks like you had a nice day by the sea.

  5. Lovely photos Radka and they bring back happy memories as Peter and I spent a day enjoying Weymouth back in 2005. Take care.

  6. Firstly, love your flowers and foliage in the pot on your header. Very pretty. The seaside looks wonderful. The sea seems to bring a kind of calmness to us. We need this in our hectic lives we lead!!

  7. Haven't been to Weymouth for years. It's nice to see some blue sky- to give us hope of better weather to come.

  8. Haven't been to Weymouth for years. It's nice to see some blue sky- to give us hope of better weather to come.


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