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Sunday, 15 April 2012

April Sunday

The weather has settled to a typical April one, still chilly, with sunshine and showers.
This morning's walk took us across the sunny fields, with definite signs of spring. We know that spring has arrived when blackthorn is in full flower.

This is an owl nesting box. Due to the decline of the traditional farming and many farm barns being converted to homes or holiday cottages, the barn owl's natural nesting places have disappeared.
Now the country people are being encouraged to put up owl nesting boxes, where possible.

If we are lucky, sometimes we can see this beautiful bird after dark, caught in the car headlights, as it glides gracefully across the fields.

The first flowers of the cuckoo flower or lady's smock; or as my grandmother called it - Tears of Virgin Mary.

You can also see more of this pretty spring flower here.

Our walk took us to the "secret pond", as I call it, as not many people know it is there.

The rather ugly spikes of the field horsetail are everywhere.

The garden is also waking up, although a long way to go yet to looking full.

A crab apple tree, planted in the autumn, is now in full bloom.

And inside, this beautiful fuchsia blossom.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Miluju fuchsie a tahle je nádherná. U vás už všechno krásně kvete, je vidět, že je tam tepleji. Ale já se snad už také dočkám.
    Sova je překrásný tvor. Vypadá něžně, i když myši si to myslet nebudou :-D
    Hezký den!

  2. another wonderful morning walk... thank you x

  3. What would life be without spring and all flowers!
    Hugs Gudrun

  4. It's always such a pleasure having you share what you see in your local area Radka. I find the natural vegetation all fascinating, and love your 'secret pond'. Your owl is gorgeous too. We don't see many with the wide/round flat face.

    Your garden is certainly springing to life, and I have to say how magnificent your fuchsia bloom is!! Thank you for always keeping us up to date with what you are seeing.

  5. Lovely photos and I really enjoyed seeing the Barn Owl. Take care.

  6. Lovely photos Radka, I always enjoy your walks. That beautiful owl would be so tempting to stitch, his feathers almost look "stitched".

  7. Your photos are always lovely. I can't remember the last time I saw an owl, but our swallows have reappeared since yesterday. They nest in our barn at the back :)

  8. Che passeggiata meravigliosa, carissima Radka e quel laghetto.......un sogno

  9. beautiful post..kiss..iulia

  10. I love the walks we have together...even we're thousands of km apart. I think you live in a small corner of heaven with all those natural spoiled you are! take a deep breath of that clean air for me, too ...I will be grateful .

  11. I enjoy, Radka, taking part in English spring - ours is always a bit behind. And the one in the French Vosges even more.

  12. Oh Radka
    Your garden is bursting into Spring flowers - I'm envious!!
    Such a pretty Crab Apple and Fuschia too.
    I adore those barn owls you have in England - we saw them on a street in Bournemouth where they had a stand to promote the their protection - I signed the petition!!

  13. I like to go on with your morning walks ! (in thought)Your garden is in a beautiful spring mood, in my country it is still cold ...


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