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Saturday, 7 July 2012

another wet week

A quick visit to the garden at Barrington Court yesterday. We were lucky enough to do this between showers and enjoy the ever changing picture.

Lucky indeed, as 20 minutes later we were driving away in a heavy rain, with windscreen wipers on the highest speed.
Red flood alert has been issued for our region and mainly to the west of us, Devon and Cornwall.
I feel sorry for all those spending their holidays on the campsites and caravan sites there, or anyone whose home has been flooded.

I ventured into our soggy garden today, where the rain water is standing in the flower borders. The lavender should be harvested, but I need a dry day for that!
Amazingly, the roses keep on flowering and putting on a show, some clematis, but not much else.



But this beauty is living inside, where it is warm and dry.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. How I have enjoyed a walk through your garden and fortunately I kept dry!!
    I have found the roses are not lasting 5 minutes this year I suppose it is a mixture of all the rain and the strong winds we have been having.
    No flood alerts here but I feel for those poor people who have been flooded, precious things destroyed and if sentimental unable to be replaced.
    You really put me to shame you seem to do a lot of walking, I am very lazy, I could blame it on not having a car anymore but that would not be entirely true, laziness is the culprit!

  2. July is a wonderful time with all the flowers.Something to remind in winter!
    Have a nice weekend and enjoy summertime.
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. wonderful, wish I was there too !

  4. Kráááása, miluji všechny tyhle krásné květiny. Žlutá, červeně žíhaná růže - nic krásnějšího jsem neviděla.

  5. Such beautiful pics though despite the rain. I feel for those flooding having been through it ourselves and not nearly as bad as it could have been. Haven't heard anything about it here in AUstralia but the fires in AMerica made the news

  6. Radka, what beautiful pictures. The lavender looks wonderful and the clematis too.

    I heard on the news that it has been very wet - keep safe and warm.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Sorry to hear about the flooding. Hope the rain stops soon.

  8. Your roses look wonderful despite all the rain we are having. A very nice trip to the beautiful gardens that you often visit, pleased to hear you kept dry.

  9. Thank you again for such glorious photographs Radka. Your roses are spectacular despite the season. I hope it will soon fine up for you and you can harvest that gorgeous lavender. It's always a pleasure to see the flowers from your garden. Take care.

  10. Hello Radka, I enjoyed the garden photos and the roses are beautiful even with the rain .We have had lots of rain and it makes a mess of my camelias. The bulbs I planted over the road in the bush are popping up so they loved the rain. We expect more for the next few days.


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