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Saturday, 21 July 2012

there are houses, and then there are HOUSES

I have always liked quilts with houses and would like to make one, but I had never seen a pattern I really wanted to make ( and I am not clever enough to design my own, it is easier for someone else to do it). But I have found one now and it is definitively challenging enough.

Quiltmania is a French magazine, also published in English, and it is probably my favourite patchwork magazine. It is published only every other month, there is enough interesting articles, but not too many, and enough projects for anybody's taste. Four issues back they started publishing blocks for a Mystery Quilt, design for Quilmania by Yoko Saito. I liked the first block, but I decided to wait and see how it develops. Now I have seen four blocks and I am hooked.

There is plenty of needleturn and reverse applique, not something I have done a lot of, so there is a challenge straight away. The colours of fabrics Yoko is using are typically hers, but I will prefer brighter colours in my quilt, although I like the idea of checks and stripes. So, to my stash to see how much I can put together. No, this is not enough, I just have to go shopping! So this morning I drove to Hansons in Sturminster Newton to look for more fabrics.

Just a note for anyone in that area of Dorset, or anyone travelling to the West Country, it is worth it to make a small detour, it is not often you will see such a huge selection of fabrics. And they have a sale on at the moment,  20% reduction of everything.
This is what I came back with, to add to the selection from my stash. I hope to find some time this weekend to start.

I also hope to re-discover my garden this weekend, as at last we are having some decent weather.
The Jet Stream has moved north (yes, we are all experts on Jet Stream over here now) where it should be this time of year. It being too far south until now was blamed for all that rain we were having last few weeks.
I managed to salvage some of the lavender at least and it is now drying inside.

I have also finished the stitchery for no3 Fernhill BOM and started no4.

 And I have done little more stitching on the Indigo quilt (middle and right in the picture).

I must also show you a birthday present I got from my children in May, just before our holiday.

KnitPro set of circular knitting needles with interchangeable wooden tips. I prefer to knit on circular needles now, because the weight is not on hands. I really wanted this set and I will put it to a good use over time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The house quilt will be lovely in the brighter colours - great pattern.
    The lavender looks so beautiful - I wish we could grow it here.
    I have a similar knitting needle set and love it. It is so much easier to knit with circular needles.

  2. Radko ty mas tolik krasnych latek ,tvuj quilt bude hezky barevny.

  3. Radko, látky vypadají skvěle, tos musela být jako v ráji. Hrozně ráda chodím nakupovat do galanterií, kde si můžu vybírat vyšívací bavlnky a nitečky pro paličkování. Taková mánie, ani to kolikrát nepotřebuji. A stejné to mám s časopisy. Mám jich haldy. Možná bych nějaké domečky našla.
    Mně se moc líbí takové ty naivní výšivky kytiček, ptáčků a holčiček, co vyšíváš. Je to pro mě takové neokoukané, protože tady se vyšívá spíš křížkem nebo plným stehem. Nebo bych chtěla umět vyšívat takové ty drobné kytičky a růžičky, co vidím třeba tady na pozdru na nůžky. To je moc krásné. Těším se na tvé další výrobky. A přeji sluníčkové dny.

  4. It will be a very nice quilt with that pattern and the fabrics.
    Good luck!

  5. Nice haul from the quilt shop! The quilt will be lovely.

  6. OOh I wish I could go to that fabric shop. Yes, I do have plenty of fabric in my stash but it might be fun.

    Your stitcheries are looking great.

    I hope you manage some time in the garden now that the weather has improved.

  7. I agree with you about Quilt Mania and I am now a regular subscriber. The project you have chosen is lovely and I will look forward to watching its progress. Glad to hear the weather is warming up for you. Take care.

  8. I like the look of the house quilt you have picked too. I havent ever tried needle turn or reverse applique so am looking forward to seeing you try some. It might urge me to give it a go one day lol. The fernhill blocks are looking great also and that lavender must smell gorgeous inside too. Have fun in the garden as I am just about to head out into ours and finish a few jobs off from yesterday.

  9. Oh I love Yoko Saito's work. So precise and great designs. Good for you taking it on and I love the fabrics you have chosen. Your indigo piece is coming along nicely too. Exciting.

  10. Oh Radka, such a great post, full of exciting things. I would love a visit to that fabric barn, and I can see that you've made some great purchases. Those house blocks do look lovely, and can't wait to see them in your colours. You have been busy with other stitching too I see. I am pleased the weather is behaving a little better now, and I do love the latest header photograph, simple marvellous. Take care.


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