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Sunday, 16 March 2014

March Sunday

We woke up this morning to a glorious spring day and we were just itching to go outside and at least make
 a start on our new garden. It has been a hard slog for DH since we have moved in, removing hundreds of bricks and concrete slabs. The previous owner loved his hard "landscaping"; if it doesn't move, concrete it!
There is an area at the bottom of the garden, which has defeated us completely, only a serious machinery would budge this lot.

But there seems to be a solution to a problem, this is a good base for a new summer house, which arrived last week. Stored in garage, it will have to be painted inside; the night temperatures can still hit zero, no good for a fresh paint.

We managed to reclaim a corner to the right and plant a rowan tree, some newly purchased shrubs and some plants we brought with us from our old garden. It doesn't look much at the moment, but we now feel that we are getting somewhere.

Earlier in the week we went for a long walk, up the hill overlooking the town;

to the right is a misty view of Glastonbury Tor.

I hope that our spring weather will continue and soon we will be able to venture further; I miss our days out, but until recently it just wasn't possible, without getting a good soaking. And of course there is a dilemma - to go out or to do more work here, while the weather is good. 

I am very conscious that I have been neglecting you all, I barely find time to post, as I am trying to do more stitching instead. I will try to pop in and see you all soon, I promise :-)

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  1. I can see it is a labour of love getting your garden organised, the summer house will be lovely to sit and stitch in when you have a spare moment for stitching.

  2. Pleased to see you are getting your garden organised. My blog is not available as it seems to have been hijacked and we haven't been able to get the problem sorted. Take care

  3. Take your time. We are always here waiting!

  4. It will all come together soon and you will be able to sit sew and enjoy your garden.Life gets in our way when all we want to do is sew haha. Love Spring Chicken.

  5. Time stitching is always the very best. I love looking at your world. I notice your Hedgerow. I am very fascinated with all the glorious Hedgerow you have in the UK..And guess what I needle felting one on how I imagine a Spring blooming Hedgerow would look..Enjoyed your walk. Hugs Judy

  6. I know you will have a lovely garden later.Looks wonderful in your surroundings.I wonder if I come to England once more?

    Hugs and Good night from old Sweden

  7. It will make a lovely spot for your summer house! Great solution. Love the pics of your walks too. Gorgeous! Enjoy your stitching Radka because we will all be here when you have the time to share.


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