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Sunday, 9 March 2014

spring temptation

At last! The first of spring months and it is as if the nature is trying to make up for last two months; it is wall to wall sunshine and temperatures in double figures. Has the spring really arrived early and is it here to stay?
Lets hope so...........

Now, I know that I have enough stitching on the go, and yes, I did say I am on the roll with the Scandinavian Rose quilt, and yes, I do want to finish it, BUT - with all this new energy outside I just could not resist. It is just calling for a new project, something light and fun - I had this planned for some time, a wall hanging for our dining area. It is yet to be renovated, so it gives me time...

Do you sometimes have this precise idea about the fabric you need/want, but you just can't find it? I am sure you know what I mean. I wanted this pin dot on cream, and eventually I found that "Ice Cream" by American Jane for Moda was just the thing. Unfortunately I could not find it in UK, so ordered it directly from American Jane . At extra cost of course, but it is just what I want to use as a background to my wall hanging. The lovely blue at the top came with the same order.
DH away today, watching Six Nations game England - Wales at Twickenham, house to myself, time to start my new project.

I found this little primula and crocuses in my new header on the pile of soil in "not yet my garden".
They are trying so hard to stay alive, I will move them to a new flower bed soon.

                                                         Have a great week!

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  1. Dear Radka,
    How nice to start a new projekt right now, here it is also almost spring -
    happy stitching

  2. Loke your new project!
    hugs Gudrun

  3. Like I mean--of course:-)))

  4. Love your new hen.
    Yes spring is almost here too, I cannot wait !

  5. Cheery new projects. I love chooks. Spring can not come to soon.. Hugs Judy

  6. It looks like a very exciting new project, will look forward to your progress.:-)

  7. Jé, to je krásná velikonoční dekorace:-)

  8. loving your chicken, re the fabric did you manage to get it without being hammered for customs duty? It puts me off buying from America as I have hear so many tales of excess to pay.
    We had a beautiful day yesterday too, nor going to be so warm today though

  9. How lovely this new start in spring - one wants to start many things at once.

  10. very beautiful fabrics you have chosen for the new project. the rooster looks so great. I look forward to more pictures.

  11. Fantastic new project and why not with spring on the way for you. I am waiting for autumn ... it will arrive eventually.


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