Sunday, 11 May 2014

mystery afghan knit-a-long - week 1 - garter stitch waves

The week 4 of this Knit-a -long will be published tomorrow, and I have just finished week 1, called  Garter Stitch Waves.

There are 6 squares in the same design to be knitted every week, in two different colours (three in each colour). 
By the time I get to the second square, I get the hang of it, by the fourth square I am little bored. But that is OK,  the following week there will be a new design and seems to me that as the weeks go, the pattern is getting little bit more complicated. I don't know if this is the way it will continue, it is after all, a mystery....


  1. Dear Radka,
    That Looks very good, have fun and enjoy your knitting -

  2. your afghan is going to be pretty special, these blocks look great

  3. Hi Radka,
    I've joined in too but am way behind, still have weeks 1 - 3 to make but may not do as many soo here's hopin!!

  4. Love your colour choices. The pattern is nice too.

  5. Such perfect knitting! So is the weather right now.
    I am imagining you will be out in the garden enjoying the sun, or will you be knitting with hot hands!

  6. Lovely squares! I find that when I am having to reproduce a pattern over and over again I write each row down on a small card separately so I can just flip over the card so I always know exactly what row I am up to in a pattern. I used to find I would accidentally start following a totally different row and end up in a real mess.

  7. I like the colours it is going to finish very nice.


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