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Sunday, 25 May 2014

mystery afghan knit-a-long/ weeks 2 & 3

We are having a bit of a blip in the weather, with some heavy showers in the last few days and drop in temperatures. So it is a case of being more in than out, and I managed to knit up two weeks, that is 12 squares.


                   Week 2 - Nordic Star

Week 3 - Heirloom Lace

My camera is not picking up the correct colours, I am using the same colours as in the pictures.

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Helen said...

Gorgeous knitting !!!

avomeri said...

Beautiful squares. I see the weather there is like ours here. Last week was snowing at Serra da Estrela! It's good idea knitting :)

margaret said...

very nice, especially like the heirloom lace so delicate.

Juliettecherry said...

Your squares are coming along well.It is going to be very interesting when it's complete.

katherine said...

Your afgan is coming along. Love the new blocks. Might need to do something similar with the little left over bits of handspun as I finish projects lol. Could be a knitted patchwork quilt!

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