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Sunday, 4 May 2014

mystery afghan knit-a-long

Like most of you out there, I am addicted to fabrics, mainly those made out of natural fibres; I love looking at them, touching them and yes, spending money on them, and that is why we often talk about "the stash", don't we? In my case the same applies to knitting wool; the real thing, good quality wool. 
I love the feel of it, the way it just glides on the needles. But unfortunately the day has only so many hours in it and to juggle all I would like to make is not always easy.

My long term knitting project is just that - long term! It is a slow progress, as I have arrived to the part where only two shades of the same colour are used - impossible to see in an artificial light, hence the slow progress. Unusually, although being wool, this is "summer knitting", when we have lots of daylight.
But then the hands can get too hot, there is just no "win" situation!

But for some time now my fingers have been itching for a knitting project, which would not be too complicated. My wish has been answered, when I had received Rowan April Newsletter, which included news about a new Knit-a-along, designed for Rowan by Martin Storey - a mystery Afghan, with a free pattern published over a period of 10 week, consisting of 8 square designs. 
Weeks 1 & 2 have now been published, with week 3 due out tomorrow.
The choice of colours is up to you; you can follow Martin Storey's design or choose your own colours. There are also other colour combinations suggested by Rowan in their "Shopping List".
The designs seem to be very easy, the type of knitting project you can pop into your bag and take anywhere.
You can also see it on Ravelry or watch on youtube.

My first square completed, but yet to be pressed. 
I have decided to follow Martin Storey's colour combination - I like the idea of it being "mystery" and also simply - I am too busy right now to work out my own.

This is a great project for me, because I haven't got much patience for working out the right tension; this is not so important in a blanket design, as long as the squares are "square".

    Have fun!

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  1. Looks so beautiful all that you are knitting. The first,my favorite.Can I please order one from you:-))

    hugs Gudrun

  2. Radko, to je krása! Je to určitě náročná práce, ale stojí za to. Také mám takové slow pleteniny nebo letní práce. Oči jsou mršky, přestávají poslouchat. Naštěstí plést se dá i poslepu, jen doufám, že mě to nepotká.

    Hezké jaro v nové zahrádce!

  3. Your work is always stunning Radka !

  4. sounds like a good challenge, will enjoy seeing this afghan grow

  5. sounds like a good challenge, will enjoy seeing this afghan grow

  6. Love the projects you're working on and the colours of your summer knitting are great!! Checked the Ravelry link and it is very tempting I must say, to join in, but just like you I have too many projects and ideas/wishes and too little time. Love the yarn you are using! Maybe I'll sign up ;-), it's not complicated and you can take it anywhere; my kind of project! Love, Alexandra

  7. Morning Radka,
    Hope you are enjoying your Bank Hol;iday week end. Like you my 2nd passion in life is KNITTING. & I am making and afghan too also a mystery but made entirely from scraps. The Intarsia jumper looks wonderful, my I wish i could do that!! I am making a jumper for Hannah with a picture on the front and it's driving me CRazy. will try to post soon so you can see it!
    Happy stitching

  8. Your knittings look great! I love Rowan yarns,I bought some in London for a project of a baby blanket. Greetings!

  9. Looks like a fantastic project to go along with your more complicated one. Id be fine with the two similar colours but knitting black heels in socks is a nightmare! without good light.


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