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Sunday, 4 May 2014

bluebell time

You can see them everywhere, in the woods, on grass verges on the sides of roads, in gardens. Something to look forward to every spring, my favorite time of year, with the fresh greens of young leaves.

These are pictures from the forest on the Stourhead Estate.
Not all bluebell flowers are fully opened yet, but already there is a blue carpet through the woods.

And as if to prove that the nature is not perfect - one white among all that blue.

The spring is the best time of the year for wild flowers.

In our new garden - a young quince tree, planted this winter, is in full bloom.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hello Radka,Really lovely seeing the wild flowers and especially the Bluebells. The quince is looking very healthy ,lovely flowers similar to a gardenia.

  2. Miluji tyhle zvonečkové fotky. Vypadá to, že jsou u vás v Anglii běžné, jako tady sasanky nebo pomněnky. Já mám modré i bílé zvonečky ve skalce, zrovna začínají kvést, ale takovou louku plnou zvonečků se mi asi nepodaří vidět. Tak alespoň tady u tebe.

  3. Such lovely flowers you have around you. Spring flowers really are wonderful. We are still waiting on ours here, but they won't be long.

  4. like you i love the bluebells and went to our local woods last monday and got lots of photos, your quince looks good too

  5. Utterly beautiful. I have never seen quince flowers. Do you eat the fruit? I agree that spring is the best season.

  6. The bluebells are beautiful.

  7. Ooh I almost missed this lovely post Radka!
    I've been longing to see the sheets of bluebells in the woods of beautiful England - they just take my breath away. We have a few in Cornwall Park where I walk as often as I can - but nothing like this - hopefully they will multiply over time!


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