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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

how many sleeps to Christmas?

It is the same every year - I think I have loads of time and suddenly it is just a few days.

While I have been waiting for the fabric for new curtains to arrive (due in tomorrow), I have been working on 3 projects, not exactly at the same time, but close.

The central panel and inner borders of St Germain quilt are now ready to be stitched together. But this is when I realised  that I have trimmed the central block too much and now it is 1/4 in short on all 4 sides.To adjust the borders is not an option here, so there will be only one thing for it - adding another very thin border around the central panel. Actually, it might look quite nice.
But this might have to wait until after Christmas.

I am concentrating on the Winter House wall hanging, I really hope to finish it for Christmas.
I am working on the borders now.

I am also hand quilting Four Seasons Chicken quilt and this just sits next to the sofa for whenever the time allows.
No rush with this one.

I wish you all a calm week ahead!

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  1. it is SOOO frustrating when that happens .. a little strip will set off the centre xx

  2. Your St Germain looks marvellous so far. I love that pattern! I think adding a thin inner border will work out just fine. It will be a very beautiful quilt!

  3. Oh, no! That is the sort of thing I do - so frustrating! But you are right, a tiny border might look quite nice. It looks lovely anyway!

  4. Dear Radka,
    Things happen, but a small border will make some extra charm on this quilt I think. I am the same with having Christmas in mind, when it seems far away it will be here tomorrow -
    have a nice time

  5. 3 good projects on the go here, I too think a small brorer will look good. The four seasons chicken quilt looks interesting what a tease only sharing a little of it,

  6. Like everyone else i can see the thin border would really define the centre panel.
    Love the chicken quilt. You are always so busy and productive radka.

  7. I think a little strip will look really good. Cant wait to see it together. Love the houses and hearts blocks too.


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