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Monday, 29 December 2014

I love Christmas, but I also like the quiet time after, "my time", when I can just enjoy now peaceful, but still festive house.

paper snowflake made by our granddaughter

The weather got colder for Christmas, but still no snow in our part of the world. Since Christmas Day the temperature really dropped, -7°C last night, coldest so far. I know, this is nothing comparing to temperatures in Nordic countries, but it is cold enough for us. 
Robin, the metal sculpture, which is a new addition to our garden (Christmas present), was probably feeling a little chilly this morning.

Nothing is happening in my work room right now, this the most tidy it has looked for weeks!

Only the knitting needles are little busy, making a trim for the afghan blanket you had seen me making earlier;
little mindless really, just counting rows to make the next twist.
It will need to be 5.5 m long!

This gorgeous set was also a Christmas present.

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  1. Wonderful pictures of the nature Radka, and I see that like me you knit Rowan yarn. Lovely presents! I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve!

  2. Dear Radka,
    How beautiful it Looks. Here it is also cold and we got som snow yesterday with heavy Storm, that was not so good.
    You got nice presents and enjoy your knitting. I am really doing nothing, because I cought a bad cold -
    have a good time

  3. It does look cold outside , yet you have beautiful flowers blooming in doors.
    Your scissor and tape set is gorgeous.
    Have a Peaceful New Year and hope the year brings us all good Health and Happiness.

  4. certainly you have had some lovely frosty work in the garden. Here in Leeds we had snow on boxing Day that is still in the garden but the roads, pavements etc are all clear. Such a tidy sewing room, like you I love the really useful storage boxes but mine are just stacked in piles on the floor and of course it is always the one on the bottom i want!

  5. Lovely photos Radka and you have a very well organised sewing space. Best wishes for a happy new year.

  6. I love to see your working space - so tidy certainly for only a short period. Orchidees are lovely and everything looks wonderful and festive. Good patience for the "mindless" knitting.

  7. Beautiful photos again Radka. What an organised sewing room! I love sewing photos of your garden, so different from ours here, especially at Christmas with the frost and snow. Here in Aust we grow 'brown' grass in the summer - the temps for the last couple of days have been 41+c (103F in the shade...) Have a great year Radka.


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