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Saturday, 2 May 2015


spring walk in the forest

followed by cream teas at the Cole Manor Tea Rooms

today wasn't a day to sit outside, but have a look at their website for images of "warmer days"

and spring in our young garden - all planted during past 14 - 16 months

crab apple tree, covered in blossom

olive tree survived the winter well and is looking good

and so has quince tree, with its large but delicate blossom

lilac bush, planted only a few weeks ago, has produced flowers too

and tiny fig even has some fruit already

more colour on the rock garden

and my herbs are doing very well too

I am spending very little time in the garden at the moment, the weather has turned cold again,
the long warm spell already forgotten :-(

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  1. All very spring like Radka. We had quite a warm day here yesterday which is quite weird really for May! I was hot working out in the garden and considered going and getting a pair of shorts on! Love seeing the blossoms and a lovely little fig too.

  2. Spring is certainly here for you. What lovely flowers. Are the bluebells out as yet in the woods? I have promised myself a holiday for your spring next year and I want to go when the bluebells are out in the woods. So trying to work out when they are out to plan our holiday.

  3. what a lovely stroll I have had through the woods and also a peep in your garden. the garden has come along so quickly and your shrubs etc are far more advanced than mine, my lilac tree is going to have lots of flowers but still tightly closed. I have 2 but they only flower alternate years fortunately ave one in flower each year.
    Hope to go down to our park tomorrow for a walk in the woods and see if the bluebells are out, rain permitting of course, it is pouring at the moment.

  4. Lovely photos. Is your fig outside?So green already and with small figs.Not as in my garden:-((
    Hugs Gudrun

  5. Beautiful photos Radka thanks for sharing :)

  6. Glorious spring! Everything looks so fresh and new. Your crab apple tree is so very beautiful in bloom. Your new garden is awesome, Radka.


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