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Saturday, 26 December 2015

busy Father Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely time!
I did intend to post again before Christmas, but life got too busy; and I also wanted to do some last minute baking.
I have been making this cake on and off since 1980 (!), ever since I found the recipe for Vanilletorte  in Burda magazine that year ( in those days published only in German).

                                                               Christmas in our house starts on Christmas Eve, 
                                                                 for me the real Christmas (true to my origins).

A couple of good friends by now, made some time ago, my Christmas wall hanging and a tablecloth come out of the storage.

We all get together in our house, and while indulging in all the goodies at the table, we are waiting  for Father Christmas. Our grandchildren are the lucky ones;
unlike their friends, they get presents on Christmas Eve at ours, and again at home on Christmas morning.

Our house is not large enough for a "proper" Christmas tree, so we have this small one in our porch; 
Father Christmas always finds just the right place to leave children's presents anyway; after dinner the children found there a bag each, full of presents. 
There were even muddy foot prints on the floor
(which is interesting, considering it was dry outside ;-)

Two excited children,

and grownups 
(DD, DH, DIL, DS & SIL).

We all got together again yesterday (Christmas Day), including our son's in-laws, for English Christmas, this time hosted by our son and his wife at their house.

They both enjoy cooking and made a wonderful traditional meal, 

including the flaming Christmas pudding.

It was a lovely day with the family, 
and after arriving home last night I even managed to watch Downton Abbey Christmas Special, the last ever episode!

Today was a quiet day, time to "recover", time for a walk.
Everyone has been commenting on the unseasonably warm weather,
but at least it has been dry the last couple of days.

I love Christmas, but I also like the quiet few days after, time just to relax and "do your own thing".

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  1. sounds like you had a wonderful time. We too had our presents, meal etc on 24th as Helen was working on 25th. Helen went and got my other daughter Catherine and Sal from Halifax and brought them over to celebrate with us on 24th then took them back at 5pm so a good day was had by us all. I had a quiet day though Helen did pop in on her way to the hospice as she did not start till 1pm. It seems ages ago now that we celebrated though still have leftovers left.

  2. It all looks lovely Radka - such a lovely family Christmas. We were entertained by my stepson on Christmas Day so it was a lovely lazy day and fun watching an excited 6 year old open her presents. The mild weather has been lovely although it has been jolly windy. We took my parents to Burnham-on-Sea yesterday but found it too windy to walk far as my Mother is tiny - she has already been blown over by the wind once so was a bit nervous. xx

  3. 2 lovely Christmas get togethers with your family. I agree-- I also love the few days after Christmas to have some quiet time.

  4. Looks really cosy at your home at christmas.
    Love the wallhanging and the tablecloth fron Northern Quilts.
    Red is the best colour for Christmas:-)).


  5. Hello Radka

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. How lovely your house looks and so nice to meet your family.

    Best wishes to you and all of them for the New Year.

    I too was able to share Christmas with my daughter and her family, have even taken photos, and might manage to get them on the computer!! with help of granddaughter.


  6. Oh yes, oh yes, Christmas Eve - the important night for us, too.. Radka, thank you for showing all your family - how lovely to see them together. But you should have someone take photos with you on the picture. Your cake looks wonderful, Vanilla cake from Burda. So you can read German. I might find this issue still in our basement, ha! I read and worked after Burda for decades.
    I wish you a very calm "between-the-years" time.

  7. Dear Radka, You Christmas seemes to be very Special and nice. Thank you for invitung us to see it - wish you a good and quiet time to relax now - many greetings

  8. Radka, mala si krásne Vianoce! Páči sa mi, že zachovávaš aj svoje české zvyky - štedrovečernú večeru a darčeky. Deťom sa to iste moc páči, mať darčeky dva dni :-)))
    Torta vyzerá byť skvelá a horiaci puding som ešte nevidela :-)
    Máš krásnu rodinku, ale rozumiem ti, keď si vďačná aj dňom po sviatkoch, kedy si oddýchneš a zamyslíš. Robím to tak aj ja. Som rada, keď k nám prídu deti, či v lete, či na Vianoce, máme to tu veselo. Ale keď nám dom opäť utíchne, rada relaxujem :-)))


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