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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sunday baking

little Christmas baking, 

Bear Paws - named after a biscuit form they are made in ( I have only half a dozen of those, so I use some other small forms too).
I make mine with almonds and cinnamon, but there are probably as many variations as there are cooks :-)

I hope your week is not too busy - don't forget to take a break!

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  1. they all look delicious, afaraid these days I do not do any baking

  2. Radko, vidím, že ač v UK, pečeš po česku :o)
    A vánoční trh v Bathu - to musí být zážitek.
    Posílám pozdravy, Helena

  3. Yes, Radka, it is baking time - more than throughout the year, ha! I may not go near the kitchen -- somebody is working for me....

  4. Dear Radka,
    your Christmas cookies look sooo delicious. I also baked already busy, of course belongs to the Christmas cookies cinnamon, the smell throughout the house is gorgeous. Thank you for your wonderful cookie photos.
    Have a happy week,Carmen

  5. OHHH they look yummy! and I like the name too.

  6. Happy Christmas Radka, and a good new year. I have so enjoyed your blog over 2015 and beyond. Best wishes Anne

  7. Those biscuits look yummy. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Christmas, and a Peaceful 2016. Hope you will get lots of crafting done and look forward to reading more blog posts in 2016.

  8. So happy to have found you, your biscuits and stitching on the web. Hope you enjoy all the seasonal festivities.


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