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Monday, 20 June 2016

more of Les Fleurs du Mardi

After a brief and oh, so lovely, summer spell, here we are again - rain and more rain, and it is not very warm either. 
So stitching in the garden is on hold, for now, but not for too long, I hope.

It is fair to say that the garden needed a good soak, but it is looking lush enough now, 
so can we have some sunshine again, please.

But some stitching indoors - block no 10 for Quiltmania's BOM, 
Les Fleurs du Mardi.

One of our small garden friends; this bee was clinging to the scabious flower for a long time, probably too cold.

 Just a quick note re my "followers" problem, mentioned in my last post.
It seems that this has more to do with my PC then Blogger, because when I view bloggs on my tablet, I can see my followers in my sidebar, but when I go back to PC - no show; strange. 
Why this should suddenly happen, I have no idea, but at least I now know that I haven't lost you!

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  1. what a pretty garden. I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  2. your garden has come along beautifully, think today we may have some sun but on saturday I wore my winter coat. Good to know your followers are still there although they do not show I am sure computers have a mind of their own that is there just to confuse and annoy us.

  3. Dear Radka,

    you have a wonderful and beautiful garden! Your header also like very good.The block from Quiltmania BOM me looks great!

    Greetings from Germany, Klaudia

  4. The block is so beautiful and your garden too!!
    Hugs Gudrun

  5. Fab garden. The sun is shinning again here, hope it is making an appearance for you too! I've been drafting patterns this morning, big tick. Time to plant some more flowers, no need to water the pots before planting since they got a good soaking yesterday!

  6. Your BOM is lovely, and so is your garden. As I write this, the temp is 91, going up to 98 today. A real scorcher.

  7. So it's Glastonbury - what do you expect!! Great swirly block and I hope you get some better weather. We have gone from 20 degrees to 33 degrees in two days! Storms again on Friday though. xx


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