Thursday, 2 June 2016

Alfred's Tower

This was a very short visit to the Stourhead Estate; DH and I wanted to have a long walk through the forest, but when we got there, we found that due to the recent logging of the wood, many of the tracks were difficult to walk on, so we stayed at the top grassy end. Not quite the walk we planned, 
but at least I could take a picture of the King Alfred's Tower, which is also now owned by NT.

This folly tower was completed in 1772, to commemorate the end of the Seven Years War against France, near the location where it is believed that Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, rallied the Saxons in May 878, before the important Battle of Edington.
The Tower is opened to public on certain days, and viewing area at the top can be reached by some 205 steps.


  1. shame the woods walk could not be made but you still found a good spot to photo, rather you than me climbing all those stairs do not think the knees would make it.Think though you did not go up this time as it was not open.

  2. What a splendid tower - shame about the woods walk though. However sounds like you enjoyed it. Grim weather here, it's been raining since Sunday. Fortunately not heavy rain although some parts of France have had horrible flooding. xx

  3. Radka, krásna historická veža! Škoda prechádzky, ale snáď na budúce sa bude dať absolvovať!

  4. Thank you for the pics, dear Radka ! I like reading from Stourhaed and love your fotos. ( As you know)
    Have a happy weekend, greetings from Carmen

  5. I suppose there are a lot of towers in Stourhaed?
    And your header is more than beautiful! <3


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