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Thursday, 16 June 2016

summer baking

I like when the summer fruits start coming to our shops; apricots and English plums are my favourites, I like eating them and baking with them.
Apricots are here, plums we still have to wait for.

I like recipes from this book, Amber Rose is using honey and maple syrup instead of sugar - the result is just enough sweetness.
Today I am trying out a new recipe -

but using apricots instead of nectarines (or peaches, suggested as an alternative); I think that apricots, specially cooked, have much stronger flavour.
Honey instead of sugar, and ground almonds, so to be able to cut down on butter - lets see what happens.

Result -

what can I say? Success -

just moist enough without being too wet.

Delicious served with a good quality (usually less sharp) creme fraiche.

I will definitively make this again.

What is the blogger up to now? Not sure when this happened, but I seem to have lost all my followers from my side bar!?

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  1. Yummie, Radka, it looks absolutely appetizing. I wish I could have a portion. How do you make the batter? Same quantity butter, sugar, flour, and eggs (same weight?) I could imagine that this works. Apricots are very good at the moment. And the whipped cream on top, oh my.

  2. Radka, koláčik vyzerá veľmi dobre. Ja tiež mám rada leto a jeho plody :-)
    Neviem, či som dobre rozumela, stratili sa ti následníci. Stáva sa to občas aj mne, nie všetci naraz, ale hocikedy mi zmizne pár. Od včera napríklad jeden. Nezdá sa mi, že by sa niekto odhlísil sám, asi má bloger nejakú chybu.
    Maj sa fajn!

  3. looks delicious I too bought some apricots but ate them without cooking delicious. Sorry can not help re your followers

  4. It looks great!
    I'm always here, following you! Always. I love your photos and all your works, they are inspiring. Have a great weekend

  5. Looks delicious Radka. Your followers all seem to be there now. In fact I have just become one! Not sure why I wasn't as I follow you on bloglovin. Oh well, I am there now. Have a great weekend. xx


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