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Sunday, 9 May 2010

morning in the woods

We had a lovely walk in the woods this morning. I think the spring is the loveliest time here. (In the autumn I will tell you that that autumn is the best time..)
When we got back, we made pancakes for breakfast.


Judy said...

Gardens are wonderful refuges aren't they? Thankyou for the lovely comments on my Blog.

Frances Leate said...

I love your woodland scenes - they are very different to the tropical environment of my world in Far North Queensland, Au.

Sandy said...

Lovely woodland. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

DIAN said...

What gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Joy V said...

Hi Radka, love the scenes of your garden - so different from my part of Australia, near the coast on the Great Ocean Road - very dry and windswept from the ocean.
Thank you also for your comments on my blog.
I'm very interested in the hapazome work you are doing. Will follow you and see what else you are doing. Joy.

Elspeth said...

Lovely woodland photos. Everything is so green, vastly different to the world in which I live.

Thank you for visiting my blog and having such positive things to say. I've left you a little message on my blog regarding my misnomer, re tea trees. Sorry for the wrong information.

Katherine said...

Love seeing your garden and woodland photos. You take some wonderful photos.

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