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Saturday, 4 September 2010

introduction to fabric art

Because the school year started a day later due to a teachers training, our 5 year old granddaughter was spending a day with us instead.
She had a fun playing in the garden with her dolls, playing shops, eating plums straight from the tree (oh, memories of childhood!) and generally bossing her granddad about (who, of course, loves it).

Like all children, she likes drawing and colouring, and in particular she likes cutting out shapes from a various wrapping paper and making a collage.
To make it more interesting, we decided to use some fabric instead. She was very exited, because she loves rummaging in my room, and was very pleased when I let her choose bits of fabrics and ribbons.

Our project is not quite finished yet, she will come back to it next time, but what is more important, she enjoyed it very much and we had a lot of fun.


  1. it's an excellent way to keep the children busy

  2. Love here work, beautiful, just work of art.

    Couldnt leave your blog, without saying, you have a very nice blog, thanks for all those photos, a way to travel to distant places :)

    Have a lovely week end.

  3. What a lovely project you can do together!

  4. What a great day you had Radka. It's so much fun when you know the children lovely creating. I'm finding myself buying more and more glitter pens, felt beads, straws, anything I think will be 'entertaining. What a lovely picture your grand daughter has made.

  5. Such a beautiful blog. Your granddaughter's art is adorable!

  6. Radka what a lovely thing to do to share with your granddaughter. Can't wait to see what other things you get to do with her.

  7. Lovely ideas for using scraps and keeping your granddaughter happy.

  8. Its so great to have fun with our Granddaughters and they make wonderful art x


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