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Friday, 7 January 2011

baking cover

Christmas seems to be a distant memory, despite the fact that it was only two weeks ago. The first week of the new year is behind us and we are back to our routine. I am now working a couple of days a week, partly to support my stitching addiction and partly to help to keep my brain in the right gear. With the school holidays over, for three afternoons a week we are again helping with our two grandchildren, ages 3 and 5. By the end of those days there is not much energy left over, on both sides! But we constantly see it as a great privilege to be part of their lives.

So, it was nice to start a new stitching year with a quick and easy project. In December I wrote about a pattern for baking cover from Northern Quilts, which I won on May Britt's and Hanne's giveaway.
It did not turn out to be as easy as I thought. After I traced the stitchery pattern onto my fabric and done some of my own freehand wording, I then ironed over it! Which of course meant that after I did all the stitchery, the tracing pencil would not rinse out! I did not want to try to wash it, thinking this would set it even more.
At this point I really thought that I would have to re-do the whole thing again. In the end, realizing that I can't do any more harm, I soaked it in Vanish and put it through the wash. And hurrah, it worked!

             Why is it, that the simplest things in our life sometimes turn out to be not simple at all!

                   So, this is my baking cover, being used for the first time today.

Thank you, May Britt, for helping me with the translation from Norwegian!


  1. This is stunning. I have also had the problem of removing stains from old linen etc and vanish or nappisan are just wonderful.

  2. Oh what a cute story and what a pretty cover--I just love it!! great job!!

  3. keeping my eye out for the baking cover

  4. Love your finish :)
    If you have used the blue wash away pen to trace the stitchery and then iron it I understand why it did not disappear. I have experienced that too. The blue pen cannot be ironed.

  5. You managed a nice fun project over the festive season - I love the new header- very Scandinavian looking.

  6. Your baking cover has turned out so beautiful. Have fun baking :-) and have a nice weekend.

  7. What a pretty project to start the year.

  8. What a great project Radka to start the year with. It's beautiful and so is the photo at the top of your blog, devine.

  9. Your baking cover is very nice and a good start into the new sewing year. I just looked your slide show and saw all the beautiful work you did. You are indeed a multitalented and very diligent many different!!. Your flower stitching in the various techniques is stunning. A big compliment to you!
    Hope you'll have a very good and happy 2011!

  10. That cover is just beautiful Radka, and I'm pleased you've managed to find some stitching time. I hope the work will go well, but still leave you with energy for the family/stitching/blogging. So pleased your tracing drama ended well. Why do we do these things to ourselves????

  11. Wow Radka that is so wonderful and I love the colour, love yr candle header so much, it makes me wanna relax xx

  12. Thank you for all yours wonderful comments on my blog. Oh, this was wonderful Beatiful color of the fabrics. Have a nice and kreativ weekend. Hugs from Norway.


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