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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Midsomer Quilting and Chew Valley

We are back to minus temperatures and the sun can't make up its mind if to come out or not. Some action was needed and we decided to have a day out, to lift the spirits. The excuse was that I needed some more fabric (as if I need an excuse!) for my new project, to compliment the fabric I bought in Sweden last summer.
This time we decided to drive north, to Midsomer Quilting.

The shop might not look very big from the outside, but that is deceiving. It is like the tardis, it opens up in front of you, with shelves cramped with lovely fabrics. The choice is not easy, but nice people are there to help and I came away happy. They even have a "creche for men", with comfortable chairs and as much coffee and tea, as they want.
Even DH came away with something for himself, a book "No Thankful Village", written by Chris Howell, a co-founder of Midsomer Quilting. It is about the community in the area around Midsomer Norton and Radstock, which he obviously feels very strongly about, and how it was affected by the Great War 1914 - 1918. This area is a part of an ancient coal fields in Mendip Hills.
Thank you De, Birgitta and Chris!

After we drove to Chew Magna and had a very nice lunch at a local pub. From there it is not very far to Chew Valley Lake, a place we have not been before. It is a reservoir created to supply drinking water to Bristol and surrounding area, but it is also a very interesting place for birdwatchers, if you happen to be one.

It is a lovey area, with the Mendip hills in the background, a nice place for a walk or a summer picnic. But not today, it is cold and it feels even colder near the water. Time to head for home.


fabriquefantastique said...

Brrrr, its cold here too

DIAN said...

Lovely and warm here - summer weather at last.

Radka, it seems like a lovely outing.
I like the idea of the creche for men.

Jacky and Steph said...

Cold here as well - that books looks very interesting, right up my street!

Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

It´s a wonderful place.Today its cold here,but is winter....Aurori

Frances Leate said...

It looks like you had a great day out and how wonderful to see the sun - at the moment I have forgotten what a sunny day with blue sky looks like as we have had nothing but rain. "Midsomer Quilting" sounds interesting and how wonderful to have a creche for men with interesting books to capture their attention. Take care!

Anneliese said...

I love this house from the outside and inside it must be paradise - clever people to have created a space for bored DHs. Sometimes I wish they would install something similar in DIY super stores for bored ladies - especially the coffee aspect sounds marvellous

Linda said...

Hi Radka, sounds like a lovely day out and I'm sure the store was pleased to see you. How nice that the men are looked after as well. I love the lake, and I'm sure the bird life is wonderful. Lovely photos again, Radka.

Juliettecherry said...

It sounds like a perfect day out to me. An opportunity to buy something needleworky, lunch in a pub and a nice scenic place to visit. Just right to brightn up a winter day.

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