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Saturday, 29 January 2011


It was another a very cold day yesterday, with temperatures not getting above zero, so what better place to be then a craft show! My friend and I drove down to the Westpoint Arena in Exeter for Craft4Crafters show. It is not mainly a stitching show, there are many various crafts stalls which I wasn't interested in, but you never know what you find and new ideas you see.
I forgot to take my camera this time, so sorry, no pictures from the show itself.

It was the first time I met in person the "sashiko lady" Susan Briscoe, who also has a blog, and we chatted for a while about her workshop in Prague.
I bought from her a pattern for a quilt called "99 Treasures", which involves 99 applique circles, and a pack of 99 fabric squares of lovely Japanese fabric.

I also came across this lovely stand, where Melisa Choroszewska is selling her had dyed silks and hand made porcelain buttons.

The real "sweet shop" for me was the stand with Pearsalls silk threads, with their choice of over 300 beautiful shades of silk threads. This very old company is now owned by a friendly team Carol and John, who bought the company from the previous owners who didn't want it any more. If it wasn't for Carol and John, the company would had disappeared. They are doing all the dyeing themselves.
I was very tempted to buy one of their beautiful kits, but I did controlled myself and bought "only" threads.This is my selection from yesterday. What am I going to use them for? Well, I don't know yet, but I just......need them! LOL!

I was also pleased that the Really Useful Box company had a stand there, because I like their storage boxes and I could buy some more.

I have also taken details for Snazzys. Not something I thought I would be interested in, but while my friend was buying a couple of their products and I was just looking around, the idea of stamping on fabric started developing in my head. This needs some more thought, but I have their card...

The one thing which lets the show down is the lack of seating areas for refreshments, with visitors having to sit on the floor to have their sandwiches, the shortage of tables and chairs in the restaurant, with people hovering with their trays with food, nowhere to sit. This always annoys me, it is a sort of meanness on the part of the organisers (you don't buy our food, you will not sit on our chairs), opening only one of the two restaurants.... Best not to get started on this. And yes, we will be back for more.
But leaving this aside, it was a very enjoyable day, in the warm!


  1. Some wonderful purchases Radka - the silk threads are just beautiful and I will look forward to seeing what you do with them. I have several Sashiko kits by Susan Briscoe and one day I will get around to making them up. I have lots and lots of plastic boxes and I don't know how I would keep everything organised without them. Take care

  2. I know what you mean about the catering at the shows - most of them are the same, yet with the right person running the catering areas, it could be so much better!

  3. Sound like a good time Radka...these places always have lack of seats...not fair the look of those Japanese fabric x

  4. Hi,
    I love hearing about craft shows and this one sounds like it was great ... and you did a wonderful job of bringing us there!
    ~ thank you
    Very best wishes,

  5. Oh Radka, what a lovely day out you two had - and you gathered such beautiful supplies to add to your collection.
    Is the 99 Treasures quilt for a large bed? you'll be busy and I look forward to seeing your progress!
    I bought a pattern and fabric for a small quilt last year, so I must get onto it soon!!! I seem to be more of a gatherer than a 'do-er'!!!
    I was thrilled to see you had visited me - thank you and please keep in touch!

  6. Hello Radka, how amazing that we like the same things.....LOL.....I just adore your Japanese fabrics, and personally would have them all if money and space allowed. I can't wait to see what you make with these. The Pearsalls Silks are just to die for, hope you like using them, and I will look up Google to find their website. I have lots of these storage boxes, mostly in larger sizes, but find them extremely useful. I am pleased you had a nice day. It seems that craft shows the world over are the same. I remember standing in line for ages waiting, so furious by the time I'd reached the counter all I ordered was a Scotch & Soda from the bar!!!! Happy stitching INSIDE if you can.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time.. Great shopping too!!

  8. Love the fabrics and threads. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  9. Fairs and shows of this kind always are a big temptation :-) ! And I see you couldn't resist buying lovely material for our hobby ! It's a pity (or luck?) that we do not have such fairs here.... but there are two wonderful fabric shops in our neighbour city :-) !!!
    Have a lovely day !


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