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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I dislike January, I feel it is a wasted month. After a very busy December, it all goes very quiet. There are no family birthdays and anniversaries. And I feel tired, it happens every year. It is a lack of sunlight and daylight in general. In the autumn, when the days are getting noticeably shorter and the weather gets colder, I look forward to my stitching by the fire. By mid January this picture has lost its romantic appeal and I miss my garden. The days have been getting a little longer every day for a month now, but it is only noticeable only on a bright day and we have had a very few of those. Some people say that they find February a long month, but by the end of February, if we are lucky, we can see the first signs of spring. But before that anything can still happen.
Today has been one of those rare sunny winter days, so I ventured into the garden. After a very harsh December and heavy rains last week it is sad looking and muddy. But there are some little signs of colour.

the hellebores are slowly recovering

snowdrops are pushing through

and surprisingly, pulmonarias are looking very pretty

                                                      little pieces of hope


  1. Funny Radka my daughter feels the same and January! i brought her one of those sad lamps and she said its been helping....great photos and ive noticed the snowdrops are on ther way up x

  2. Hi Radka, sorry to hear of your frustration at the moment. I tend to agree with you on January but obviously for opposite reasons. Traditionally it's hot, and dry, and unbearable here in January, lots of people are away at the coast for holidays and I find it's a rather lonely month. Having said that, I must say that at least your few flowers are giving you some pleasure, and thoughts for what is to come for you soon. Your garden is always a delight and I'm sure you will want to get back into it again ASAP. Happy stitching if you can. Cheers.

  3. Seasons come and go, life goes on and the wonder is to see the new changes in the garden. This morning I sprinkled some Love in the Mist seeds around and they will show their beautiful blue heads again next Spring. Your Hellebores are looking a treat after winter.

  4. Am so glad you have found some pieces of hope!! I look forward to January cause I can quilt on my bigger quilts and not sweat--but all the dark days does get to ones soul!!
    think spring and work with some light springy colors on something--then you will feel better and time will go much faster!!!

  5. Sorry to read that you are feeling a bit down. For me the worst months of the year are February and particularly March when I am usually fed up with heat, humidity and wet weather. On days when I am feeling low I usually put on a favourite old DVD and do some hand stitching. Take care!

  6. Your beautiful flowers make a day bright - we in Germany are far from this, our garden is still sleeping.

  7. The older I get the more I like winter too....(though I am longing for Spring and warmer temperatures). I appreciate the time I now have for other things than gardening i.e. for sewing :-) ! But it's a real joy when one can discover the first tiny flowers in the garden at this time of the we've the helleborus blooming too.
    Enjoy the cosy winter days!

  8. I understand your frustrations re garden. I wonder how much of ours will come back to life after sitting under filthy water for a few days.


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