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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

spring quilt

I am in my "patchwork & quilting mode" at the moment, so I have decided to take out fabrics I bought in Sweden last year and make a start on a new quilt. I found some greens to match at Midsomer Quilting last Saturday.

The design comes from a Magic Patch magazine and it has a different name, but I am calling it my "Spring Quilt", because I think the fabrics have that "spring" feeling I am so hungry for at the moment.

I have bee trying to find more signs of spring in the garden today.

There is more colour indoor, the cimbidium orchid which started to flower before Christmas, is now in its full beauty, and there are more blossoms to come.

A couple of new arrivals for my bookshelf came from Amazon today, both at £0.01 each!
I should make clear that both books are second hand and well used.

For anyone in the West Country of England, there is Craft4Crafters show at the Westpoint Arena near Exeter, from tomorrow for 3 days. Not only stitching, but I am sure it will be worth a visit. 


  1. Aren't we all impatiently waiting for the spring :)) We still have tiny little piles of snow in the ditches where the plow packs them hard and high. Your fabric selection for the quilt is lovely, can't wait to see the pattern you choose......

  2. Such pretty fabrics. I am sure your latest creation will be beautiful.

    Love those first signs of spring. We are still waiting for a summer but alas I think we wait in vain.

  3. Lovely beginning of a new project !!
    Do you have snowdrops in you garden already??

  4. patchworkjana 1426 January 2011 at 21:58

    Hezke latecky, zajimave knizky,
    nadherna orchideje a kvetouci snezenky,
    je to jako z pohadky!
    Mila Radko, rada Te navstevuji.
    Srdecne zdravi Jana z Hamburku!

  5. What pretty fabrics Radka!!! I hope you make a good start on your quilt, and enjoy the process. The flowers are beautiful, and I especially LOVE the orchid. You always have such gorgeous flowers.

    Enjoy the books, they look interesting, and what a bargain. I'm expecting books in the mail tomorrow..........

  6. So glad you have the books but I am so torn because it is such a tiny price to pay for such definitive books.
    However, it's always nice to have a bargain!

  7. Hi, I like your blog. I invite to visit my blog of kitchen, decoration, picture and hand made. Kiss OLI

  8. Some lovely fabrics and I am going to look forward to watching the progress with this "Spring" quilt. Those orchids are just beautiful - what a rich colour.
    The books look good. I have others by Averil Colby but not that one. Take care!

  9. Very pretty fabrics Radka....what a lovely way to wish for spring to be nearer....wish i was in the west country for a craft show x

  10. Very pretty fabrics - and I love books too - funnily enough I was going to look on Amazon for some books to take on holiday with me!

  11. Lovely colours Radka. Plus your lovely cushion and letter have been published in Inspirations. Got quite a surprise seeing a name I actually recognised LOL Well done!

  12. Beatiful fabrics and colors. And the flowers..... I`m waiting for spring......Hugs

  13. Dear Radka
    I love your snowdrops - I think because of their simplicity they are the sweetest of all spring flowers.
    Even tho it's mid summer here in NZ - I understand your longing for spring to arrive - I was the same last year. I know what a bleak winter you've all had, as my daughter lives in France!
    Your hellebores are beautiful - I wish I could grow them like that....
    A lovely post thank you Radka!


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