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Sunday, 6 May 2012

break in the clouds

and a chance for a quick walk around Stourhead Lake. Every time I come here I think how lucky we are to live so close to one of National Trust's treasures.
The wet and cold weather is holding everything back, so many trees are still without its leaves.

But there is lots of fresh greens around, with some interesting shapes,


and lots of spring colours.


On the island in the lake a swan sitting on the nest.

I wish you a very good week!


  1. Radka, I love the header photo. So pretty and springlike.

    Thanks for the walk around the gardens. What fabulous flowers and trees. Spring is on its way for you and we are well into Autumn.

  2. Lucky ? say it again ! I would say : "you are blessed to live there".
    And I'm happy to see, with your help , all those wonderful places...I almost can "feel" them : the quiet, the smell,the slow movement. Thank you.

  3. WOW, Loved seeing all the beautiful tree and bushes in bloom. But the lake looks as smooth as glass and most mystic and lovely. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy

  4. Absolutely glorious photographs again Radka. I always appreciate the sights you share with us. This place is wonderful, such gorgeous blooms, and green vegetation. We just never see 'green' quite like that. I hope you have a lovely week too, and there is time in there somewhere for stitching. Take care.

  5. Příjemná procházka, děkuju.

  6. what wonderful colours you managed to find xx

  7. Lucky you to live so close to such a beautiful place .One day i just have to go to England and see it for my self.Beautiful photos.

  8. Hello Radka , Thank you for taking me on the lake walk. You certainly live in a lovely place. The photographs are beautiful .I especially loved the Magnolia and seeing the swan on the nest.

  9. Thank you Radka for a beautiful walk through an English garden - it is a fantastic setting. Take care.

  10. Wonderful photos!!
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs Gudrun

  11. Lovely photos Radka, a very nice trip out for you while we had a brief respite from rainy days. You were able to find some colour. It is a beautiful place.

  12. I remember so well the summer day we visited Stourhead. It was such a huge park and we walked, walked, walked. Thank you for bringing back some very nice memories!


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