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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

weekend stitching

Although the rain eased at times over the holiday weekend, it was still very cold and not very enjoyable to be outside. Time for more stitching then.

I finished another section of Indigo quilt, using thread from Tiggy's shop. Again very easy and fun to stitch project.

I started to stitch the first of BOM "Fernhill" from Lynette Anderson, which arrived from Fobbles
in April.

Lynette used Weeks Dye Works overdyed threads in her stitcheries. This is a new thread to me. I always like to try new threads, so I started browsing for UK supplier, and eventually I placed my order with The Patchwork Rabbit, also a new supplier for me. I ordered a couple of extra shades, just to make it interesting.
My threads arrived quickly and safely, thank you Karla.

Anyone else out there also stitching "Fernhill"?


  1. Hi Radka - I am enjoying seeing additions to your indigo quilt. Looks like you are enjoying the journey.

  2. The indigo quilt is moving along. are you just stitching it or is it quilting at the same time? Now that probably doesn't make sense. Not stitching Fernhill but wish I was LOL. Those threads are great too. I have some from a few years back that I enjoy using from time to time. They were used on the cottage also. Special threads for special things. I've to finish painting Grace's ceiling today instead of sewing like I wanted (sigh) but the upside is that the insurance have given the ok for new flooring and I mean the lot! Hard and carpet. I have never been so happy but that means just finishing off this one room and a double room is a big ceiling too (drat) but on the upside it may only need one coat to freshen it up and I can definately hang up the roller LOL.

  3. I think your indigo quilt is going to be stunning Radka, thanks for sharing the progress. I am not stitching the Fernhill series, but will enjoy watching you bring it to life. I only have a few skeins of Weeks, some I'd purchased especially for a certain project. The colours are very subtle. I am so pleased you found a supplier who can meet your needs and offers good service. Hope the weather improves. It is a simply glorious day here today, as I wait for the pest control man to come and do his job later.

  4. It´s nice to follow your wonderful works!
    Today it is grey with rain and fog.But warmer:-))

  5. Another step closer ,i like the blue colour .

  6. ciao, grazie mille per il tuo commento, desideravo da tanto un terzo figlio e adesso che c'è sono al settimo cielo!un bacio iulia

  7. Hello Radka,It has been sunny and warm here 29, beautiful outdoors, and it is only 3 weeks till winter!!.We have been walking around the lake. Colder tomorrow 19C. Your indigo quilt is looking wonderful, lovely fabric. Fernhill BOM very pretty.

  8. You're very welcome, Radka. Glad you're pleased with the service! I'm stitching Ferhill, too. Well, when I say "stitching" I mean "receiving the parts and then putting them in a box to stitch later". LOL



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