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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

new and old

I have just finished another stitchery for the Indigo quilt, which was easy and fun to do.

It is official, we have just had the wettest April since the records have been kept!
Surely it must get better soon.

Not being able to do anything outside, I tried to sort out my room this weekend.
I found this wallhanging I did some time ago. The stitchery is from Tilda pattern. 
I used this little quilt as a practise piece for machine quilting when I decided to machine quilt the Tail Feathers quilt, my first attempt on machine quilting.
I will find some place to hang it now.

Tail Feathers quilt, the only quilt I machine quilted so far.

DH has just told me that the first of our House Martins have arrived back, all the way from Africa!
I wonder how many we will see back this year, their numbers have been on decline. We used to have as many as 7 - 8 nests on our house, but only 3 last year.
I have to go and see them for myself!


  1. Thats a very cute stitchery Radka and well done with the maching quilting. Take care.

  2. Ohh so wonderful Tail Feathers quilt !! Love it and wonderful indigo block too ;-))
    I really hope that the weather starts to warm up soon , we really need it. Today is amazing though..

  3. So love that elephant, Radka...your quilts are wonderful...im still practising x

  4. The Tilda piece and tail feathers look amazing. Have you got one of those quilting machines or just used a normal machine. I havent tried machine quilting anything that big yet and want to know how hard was it LOL.

  5. The elephant is adorable. I wish we could get some of that rain. We're in a drought again.

  6. Your Indian stitchery is simply divine Radka!! The seeding is beautifully done, and those colours are great.

    Love your little wallhanging, and of course the tail feathers quilt is a masterpiece. Machine quilting is not easy, but it's a means to an end I suppose.

    I hope your birds are happy making their nests. We are pleased to see our two Tawny Frogmouths are still around our houseyard. Birds make one feel so peaceful I feel.

  7. Radka your elephant quilt is beautiful ,love the colours.

  8. I love your elephant and the little wallhanging, too. Nice quilting lines - the large quilt is fantastic!

  9. It is so good not being forced to fill in the robot letters, commenting is much easier like that.

  10. Hi Radka, Your elephant on the indigo quilt is gorgeous. Well done with the machine quilting. Hope we haven't sent all our wet stuff to you for summer.

  11. It's encouraging to hear the birds have arrived back. They must think we are going to get warmer soon.

  12. Radka, I love the pieces you are making for the indigo quilt. It will be very special when finished.


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