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Saturday, 19 May 2012

wallflowers and terracotta people

When I went out into the garden the first thing this morning, something was noticeable straight away - it wasn't cold! After weeks of cold weather, could this be it? Spring at last? And I could smell the garden, the freshness of summer mornings. Good time to have a day out, a repeat visit to my favourite National Trust property, Barrington Court.
You have been here with me on previous occasions. I love their flower garden, every time I come here it looks different.

Our garden is very "green" right  now, with very little of any other colour. Here at Barrington Court, in their sheltered walled gardens, it is awash with wallflowers, all shades mixed together.

 On a warm day like today the scent is overwhelming, mixed with scents of lilac bushes and azaleas.

But there is another reason why we visited today.

Unusually for historical properties, this one is empty of any furniture and fittings.
That means that National Trust can stage various venues here, like the Christmas Fayre you came to with me last November.
At the moment there is an exhibition of Antony Gormley's  ( of Angel of the North ) "Field for the British Isles", collection of some 40,000 clay figures, made by a community of families in Merseyside, spread over the floors of 3 rooms of the house. For this work Antony Gormley won the Turner Prize in 1994.

Unfortunately no cameras allowed, but you can see lots of pictures here and read about it here.

The 40,000 tiny clay figures are all different, all shapes and sizes and colours, just like we are.
The picture changes with the change of the light and sunlight coming in through the windows.
And when you are standing there in the doorway, they all seem to be looking just at you.
Art is a different thing to different people, and although there is an original message behind this work of art ( a different way of looking at human presence), it is up to us how we interpret it. We found it quite touching, it was like seeing real people.
There have been several other "Fields" around the world, made by local communities.
"Fields for the British Isles" has travelled around UK, and now we are lucky enough to see it here in Somerset. If you are in the area, don't miss it.

For me of course, no visit here would be complete without popping in the plant shop,

although my purchases were very controlled today, just some thread for my current projects.


  1. beautiful rainbow thanks for sharing xx

  2. Ah, yes, warming days. Barrington Court gardens look beautiful. I did see the Field of People in Salisbury a few years ago. Wonderful. Our garden is also very 'green'. You can feel the plants/flowers are just waiting to go. Noting that the afternoon temperatures warm up, I actually did some indigo dyeing today.

    Oh, roll on summer! Blue skies please!

  3. I love those old english walled gardens, providing protection from the prevailing winds and enabling early flowering.

    Wonderful beds of Spring flowering plants - I can almost catch a whiff of the fragrance in the air!

    Patchwork shop there too - what a bonus!
    You were very controlled Radka!
    The best sort of day out for me too.

    Shane x

  4. What a beautiful garden i wish i could have a wall garden it creates such a nice micro climate.Love the Lily of the Valley in your vase. That room full of teracota peoples looks very impressive.

  5. What glorious gardens and blooms!! Thank you once again Radka for a journey into such a beautiful world. It is a riot of colour. My goodness, you were a good girl..........just a few threads. I think your halo must have been on straight during that visit.....LOL... Thank you too for the information about the clay people, I'd not heard about it prior to reading this. Take care.

  6. Such a beautiful place to visit. Loving our autumn colour at the moment

  7. Radka, you really transported me to your gardens at Barrington Court, how good is it to live so close and the added bonus of a quilt shop to visit whilst there, rhanks for sharing a wonderful day out.
    Here in Leeds spring I hope has arrived this morning. Typical I am away to Buckingham on thursdasy for a few days, fingers crossed it will still be warm when I venture back north on sunday!

  8. Che meraviglia Radka, impazzirei con tutti quei fiori bellissimi e queste dimore antiche sono il mio sogno, ne ho parlato anch'io nel mio ultimo post. Baci

  9. Ahoj Radko, musel to byt nadherny den, prochazet se takto rozkvetlou zahradou a zahradnictvim. Moc se mi take libi barvy tve nove prize a snad nam predvedes, co znich vykouzlis :) Preji pohodovy tyden a zdravim, Monika.

  10. Hello Radka,The tiny clay people figures are amazing.I haven't even heard of them before. I have passed through the Angel of the North area and seeing the figure bought back some memories.
    The walled garden was lovely and the colours in the garden beautiful,Thanks for shareing

  11. I am always pleased to see the pictures of your visited gardens. This garden too we've visited some years ago, but in late Summer. So it's quite interesting to compare what is blooming at the moment there. I remember well the walled garden. Happy you Radka, to have the possibility to visit such beautiful places as often as you like.
    Best regards,

  12. So nice to enjoy a further visit with you to Barrington Court. How delightful the colourful gardens look. Of course a patchwork shop is a big encouragement to visit often too.

    The threads look very nice - a new project?

    Also love seeing the bluebell woods in your new header.

  13. Radka, thanks for taking us on another trip with you.


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