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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

week is moving on

But the snow has not moved, more came down last night and again this morning. The igloo on the village common has become a permanent fixture.
They say by the weekend it will be raining and they mentioned the word "floods"!

There is an advantage to spending more time at home. In this weather the mind turns to food and the kitchen is a good place to be on a cold day.

I bought Seville oranges last week, which of course means "marmalade time".

And while on the citrus theme - lemon curd tarts.

Now that Fernhill is finished at last, I am returning to my house building,

the last block of the Yoko Saito's "Mystery Quilt" (which is no longer a mystery)

and the second part of "Santa's Village".

Thank you for your visit!

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Sue said...

Oh my those lemon tarts look good!. Glad you are keeping busy in the kitchen and with your sewing.
Stay warm and safe

Tiggy Rawling said...

Yum, yum, and the marmalade looks good enough to warm your hands with.

Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

I can almost smell and taste the of your lemon tarts and the orange marmelade, which I love, but never had great luck by making it.
Your Santa village looks sweet and the houses are so great.

fabriquefantastique said...

You always have the best 'header' photos ( think I have said that before) I agree with all the above, the lemon curd tarts look yummy.

Anneliese said...

Oh this marmalade, how I love it. And your lemon tartlets look yummy. The little houses are so charming.

shirley said...

The snow is amazing. I hope you dont get flooding.
You have been so busy cooking which all looks delicious Radka.
I always admire your sewing projects and this little house will be a new treasure for you.

Barbara said...

You are showing tempting sweets, dear Radka. When I get the Seville orange, I also make this bitter orange marmelade. Unfortunately we cannot buy them very often here. And makeing it with the normal oranges, it doesn't taste so delicious. I'd like to taste one of your lemon curd tartes. When I'm in England I usually buy lemon curd in the glass as we don't get it here.
Your sewing projects are beautiful, as always. I admire your tiny, tiny crossstitches!

margaret said...

you have been busy in the kitchen, all looks yummy. Snow still here too roads are clear but the garden is still a very pretty picture.

katherine said...

Mmmmm curd tarts and I love marmalade too. Take care with all that snow and I do hope that the floods are not on the agenda.

Juliettecherry said...

Good use of snowy days Radka, it's a little bit of compensation when it's so cold outside. Sounds like we would all like to sample your home made goodies and enjoy seeing your current sewing projects. What a good thing we are not nearby, or you might be unindated with visits. lol.

l'alternativa said...

Questo post è fantastico: sa di buono, di casa, di voglia di stare insieme, sembra una favola. Fra i tuoi lavori, i dolci e la magica neve....... quasi quasi vengo da te

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