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Friday, 17 April 2015

home alone and more of Yoko

Do you remember my 48 knitted squares?
These were designed by Martin Storey as a BOM for Rowan wools.
They are all finished and need to be put together to form a blanket.

I decided to follow the original layout, as per Martin's instruction, but of course, one needs a space to lay them all out.
The living room is the only space with enough floor area for this task, but it is also a route from one end of the house to the rest.
I took an advantage of a day when DH was away, when I was home alone and I could spread out all the squares.

Now I have to stitch them together and finish knitting the trim.
The weather has been little too warm for that job last few days, I am just doing little in the evenings.

And now some more for Yoko Saito's fans. In one of my recent posts I talked about a book she published following her visit to Sweden - Scandinavian Quilts.
It seems that Yoko really fell in love with Dalarna, a region in Sweden, because she dedicated a second book to her visit there. As far as I can see, this book has been published only in French so far, but I could not resist.....

No, I don't speak French, but any text I need to translate I give to Google Translate to do, and as I found out yesterday, Google even stores translated pages for you.
Again, "Quilted Memories of Yoko Saito" is full of lovely projects and beautiful photographs of the area.
It seems that even the colours she chooses have been influenced by her trip, as some of the projects are in  somewhat brighter colours than Yoko's usual choices.

She visited Green Hotel in Tällberg, overlooking the lake Siljan, just a few miles down the road from where DH and I rented a holiday cottage in 2010 (you can read more about our trip in "Sweden 2010" under "my labels" on the left hand side of this blog).
We also visited Tällberg; just up the road from the hotel is a large shop, full of beautiful items crafted locally.

It looks like Yoko's love affair with Sweden continues.....

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  1. Interesting to read about this book, I didn't know about it but I'll try to find it. We have spent many wonderful summers in Dalarna, in the little village Venjan not far from Mora.

  2. Sound like another wonderful book by yoko ! Love your squares, will look forward to seeing the blanket finished :)

  3. What a lovely knitted sampler - looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. xx

  4. That book has some very inspiring projects in it and I love the style of her last project. The blanket squares all look stunning together. I bet you will be very pleased with the results of that BOM too.

  5. What a stunning new header! You knitted squares are so beautiful, I feel like copying on you!

  6. Radka,your knitted squares are stunning. Beautiful colours.

  7. Dear Radka,
    I love your blanket with its beautiful colours.I also think that swedish design is amazing and exactly my taste. I always like to stopping by at your blog to see your handcraft.
    cheers Carmen

  8. thanks to you I'm now knitting blankets for tha babies of Ghana, because I saw that knit-a-long in your blog and found them perfect for baby blankets.take care Jaana

  9. The cake looks delicious. I love Yoko Saito's work. It was 32 years ago that I visited the same area of Sweden-- it was beautiful. I have a little Dalahorst brought home as a souvenier from there.


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