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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Luna has a dress! - FNwF

First of all - big thank you to Cheryll for hosting another Friday night gathering - the first one this year!

What was I up to?

I was putting some finishing touches to Luna's new dress, and her new French knickers.
(if you don't know who Luna is, see my previous post)

The pattern and the pretty fabric for Luna's dress was a part of the original Luna's kit.
I found a piece of old lace in my stash, just right to make her some knickers.

Here she is, modelling them;
they are just roomy enough to accommodate her fluffy tail.

The dress has some pretty details, like a detachable bow and tiny buttons on the back. 
I must admit that I struggled little stitching these tiny pieces using the machine; I was very tempted to stitch by hand. But I did not give up, I just need to practise 😉 
Machine stitching gives it more professional look, and of course it makes the stitches stronger. 

Luna is very pleased with new outfit.

But of course, I can't let her go out just yet, not in this cold. 
She will need a coat and some boots too.
 And  I suspect, that she would like a friend (or two).................

Oh, Sarah Peel , you have no idea what you have done - this is so addictive! 😀

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  1. Ušiačka Luna dostala krásne šatičky!

  2. Luna is beautiful. Love the lace knickers.

  3. Luna looks lovely. A productive night

  4. Happy New Year Radka!
    Miss Luna Latin is adorable and looks very similar to my Miss Maggie rabbit I made a couple of years ago.
    In fact you've inspired me to make another one or two for my granddaughter and have them on her bed for when she arrives!
    Keep warm
    Shane xx

  5. Miss Luna is very pretty with her new dress and even a bit sexy with her lacy underwear ;)!

  6. Luna is looking very happy in her new dress and well her french knickers are very very chic

  7. Cute little dress and I love the French Knickers! xx

  8. Luna is styling in her new dress and panties. I'd love to see the rest of her wardrobe as you make it.

  9. oh my goodness, how cute!

  10. How adorable. I didn't know who Luna was, and seeing the clothing I thought it was a baby girl. Hahaha What cute little kickers.

  11. Luna looks adorable in her new dress.

  12. Lovely bunny . Love her French knickers. She looks so cute in her dress.

  13. Happy New Year, dear Radka.
    Your little rabbit Luna is adorable :-). So cute.
    It has been such a long time since I last time did my little daily blog-visiting. So much to catch up with. Your blog is as always beautiful and you have been busy with needle and thread.
    Greetings from DK,


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