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Sunday, 29 January 2017

projects revival

I was waiting for Les Fleurs du Mardi backing fabric to arrive; when it did, I realised that I miscalculated the amount of fabric I need, so I had to order some more. 
Where was my brain that day?ūüėē 
But time is never lost, when there are other projects around, and I do have "just few" of them waiting for some attention ūüėČ. 
Since Christmas, besides making Luna and finishing the silk bag (which you can see in one of my previous posts), 
I have been working on a couple of others.

Santa's Village - a cross stitch project by Country Cottage Needleworks  - a series of 12 houses, which I bought originally as BOM (long time ago).
I just finished month 5, and started working on the 6th. 

 Chateau Hexagon by Lynette Anderson - also bought as BOM.

This is Month 6 finished, and I have started stitching Month 7.

I like this kind of hand stitching, so easy to do in the evenings in front of TV, specially in winter.

I have been sorting out some fabrics for Quilters Patch quilt, which I would like to start making, once Les Fleurs du Mardi is finished (which I plan - unusually for me - to machine quilt).

I wish you all a happy stitching week!

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  1. Wonderful works!! You are not out of work (arbetslös):-)))
    Lycka till!

  2. Wonderful and lovely stitchery,Radka

    LG Kaudia

  3. Oh love your little house just beautiful !!'

  4. Love your work. Beautiful cheerful colors. Keep on working it looks awesome. Debbie from missouri, usa

  5. I enjoy working on projects with continuing parts. Yours are lovely.

  6. some beauties here the cross stich houses are coming along well and loving Lynette Anderson`s BOM such a fan of her work,designs and fabrics have 4 of her books they are so nice just to browse through and be inspired by.Not sure what the quilters patch quilt is so looking forward to seeing that take shape

  7. Gorgeous embroidery, Radka !!! I love the little cottages, also L Andersons BOM. Cute and cozy.

  8. I love your Santa Village, and you have reminded me, I have some of those stitchery button designs somewhere :)


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