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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

emails scam

Many of you might be already aware of this, but just in case you haven't come across it yet, it goes like this:

you receive an email from someone you know, which contains a link for you to follow. 
The message might even address you by your name, and possibly say something like " I thought you might be interested in this". If there is no other text in that email, explaining why you are getting this link, or other message from your contact, beware, the chances are that if you click on the link, someone will hack in to your computer and your email contacts.

Over the period of last few months I received several such emails from people I know, and it is possible that somewhere, early on, I did follow one of the links, before I got wise to it. But it seems that someone did manage to get my contacts.
The reason I think that? Yesterday I received email from Luzine Happel (which many of you know), asking me if I had sent an email with a link in it. Thankfully she did not click on the link; I did not send her any such email. But she is listed in my email contacts, as are many of you.

So, if you'll get an email which looks like it is from me, with a link in it, but there are no explanations why I am sending you this link, the chances are that, that the email did not come from me.

I am also sending this message to all my email contacts, and I am scanning my computer every day, but beware, there is always someone out there who is a step ahead.

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  1. Thanks for the warning. We all have to be so aware of those naughty people out there.

  2. Thanks. I'm always aware, but we never know...Thankyou

  3. Ďakujem za upozornenie, na svete sú ľudia tak šikovní a s nápadmi, ktoré mňa nikdy ani nekopnú :-)

  4. Thank you Radka - it's so good of you to make us aware.
    These people really spoil our blogging life don't they.
    I can't for the life of me understand why they waste their time doing such things.
    Ever vigilant.

  5. many thanks for warning us, I have in the past received suspicious emails but do not open them , will run a scan today on my computer

  6. Thanks for the warning Radka. xx


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