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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter baking



    We are having dry and pleasant weekend, (with little rain at night, which was very welcome by our garden), although not very warm.

I love all those fresh greens in the garden,

quince tree

with flowers buds just about to open

yellow and green shades of fresh shoots of marjoram in the herb bed

crab apple tree blossom just opening up

My Easter baking goes again back to my Czech roots; 
I make Easter "mazanec" (sort of giant hot cross bun).

 Actually, I make 3 - one for DH and me, and 2 for our children.

Enjoy rest of the Easter weekend!

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  1. Hello Radka. your garden is always so colourful,I can remember when it was bare. Your baking always looks yum .

  2. Happy Easter to you too. As allways lovely photos from your garden and the breads look delicious.
    Greetings from DK,

  3. Wonderful pictures from your garden.Fresk bead is always so delicious.
    here we had snow two days,not what we wanted.But the water we love:-))


  4. Dear Radka, your garden is so beautiful. I adore the green British country!
    That sort of cake seems to taste delicious.
    Here we are enjoying a very pleasant weather as well.
    I wish you a nice week.

  5. Happy Easter Radka, always love seeing photos especially of your garden and baking.x

  6. Happy Easter Radka your garden is coming along so well it seems no time that you moved and had to start from more or less with nothing. Baking looks so tasty too

  7. Happy Easter , dear Radka .
    Love your garden pics ! What a delicious bread, i'm coming !

  8. Your Easter bread looks delicious. I love watching all the different fruit blossoms come and go - our quince at flowering too. Back home now and there has been no rain and no sign of any for at least ten days. Fortunately a friend took pity on my pots and I thank that all but one will survive. Such a huge amount of growth around the garden in the 10 days we have been away. xx


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