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Saturday, 8 April 2017

FNwF - Calling All Birds

Friday Night with Friends

Firstly - thank you to Cheryll for letting us use her blog again to meet and stitch last night.
I will make the rounds later to see what everyone was up to.

I have been enjoying making Quilters Patch blocks, but I must admit that I am missing applique.
So, last night I started a new project, to run along side the Quilters Patch Quilt.
The forecast for the weekend was really good and I wanted to have something ready to stitch outside.

"Calling All Birds" is a quilt from the latest issue of Quiltmania Simply Moderne magazine; it got my attention the minute I open it.

That's what I was doing last night. Out came my collection of bright fabrics,

and I prepared the first block.

Today was a glorious day right from the start and up to dizzy heights of 19 - 20 C by midday; 
we even had our breakfast outside, first this year!
I took my block into the garden and stitched the prepared applique pieces.

We are expecting another great day tomorrow, so hopefully more stitching and even BBQ!

I hope you too are having a great weekend!

© 2017


  1. Lots of lovely bright fabrics to play with for your new project your first block is looking great.

  2. Sounds lovely with breakfast in the garden, we have about +5 C.

  3. Hi Radka, it's lovely that you get to enjoy the weather and stitch at the same time...your brights are beautiful x

  4. Great fabrics! How nice to be able to spend your time outdoors.

  5. What a gorgeous pattern and I love all the bright fabrics for it, lovely first block...

  6. We are having lovely spring weather in my neck of the woods too! Very interesting block!!

  7. wow such beautiful work Radka.

  8. this looks a very interesting project you are working on.

    Enjoying the weather here too, lots of curtains washed yesterday and dried.
    Enjoy your barbeque

  9. Ooh! What a smashing start! I would love to see the picture in the magazine of the project that took your eye.

  10. Hi! Dear Radka!
    It sounds great to have breakfast outside enjoying the sunshine. Here we have had 22 degrees what is great. I wish you a great sunday sewing those lovely fabrics.
    Lots of hugs

  11. What a beautiful new project, I look forward to more pictures. Breakfast in the garden, wonderful, unfortunately it is still too cold for it.
    Have a great week, Carmen

  12. Your new project is pretty already!! Simply Moderne always has inspiring projects!!

  13. Another bright beautiful quilting.
    Wishing you and your family a great Easter.
    Going to countryside tomorrow...

  14. Lovely bright block Radka for a bright day. Sadly not so good today but hope you got your bbq. xx

  15. This looks like a lovely fresh project to start - perfect for spring. Lovely to see you enjoying the spring weather - we are enjoying the coolness of autumn here!


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