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Monday, 24 April 2017

My granddaughter finished her miniature quilt/wall hanging, which she also designed.
 I think she has done such a wonderful job.

You can read about the method she used in my post 
"Easy miniature quilts" on 5th March.

Unfortunately we have lost the lovely warm weather; it has turned cold today, with some more frost yet to come. The weekend was still pleasantly warm and sunny, good enough for stitching outside. 
 I finished another bird block, the largest one so far, for "Calling All Birds" quilt.
I am enjoying playing with these bright fabrics.

I just want to show you this beautiful clematis 
which is growing through the fence from our next door neighbour .

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  1. Your granddaughters hanging is a real treat, lovely to see the young ones interested in creating with fabric. I do so like Clematis I have them growing in our garden, you are lucky to have a such a lovely spray.

  2. I really like your bird block and your granddaughter's quilt is so cute!

  3. you must both be thrilled with your granddaughters wallhanging well done. Bird bock is lovely too and how good that the clematis has found a way through the fence for you to enjoy it too.

  4. You have a very talent granddaughter,what a nice quilt and lovely coulors.Also your block iswonderful,love the pattern too.The clematis is soooo beautiful!!

  5. Lovely little quilt your grand daughter made; no doubt she must be very proud of herself! And I've been admiring your bird blocks too. Gorgeous fabric choices. We too had very cold weather again last week and even some snow and therefor a lot of frost damage to fruit orchards and wineries. Apparently tomorrow it will snow again!!!

  6. Your granddaughter has done such a great job on her wall hanging Radka and your new block is very striking. What a gorgeous clematis! xx

  7. Congratulations to your granddaughter, I love her quilt. How lovely of the neighbours clematis to join your garden too.


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