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Sunday, 1 April 2018


I hope you are having a nice weekend; 
it is very early Easter this year, still cold outside, but warm in my kitchen, with little Easter baking. 
Back to my Czech roots - 
Velikonoční Mazanec (Easter bread - a giant hot cross bun really).

One for DH and me and two for our children's families.

And little spring around the house at least....

The Four Seasons Quilt has come out of the storage.

                Best wishes to you all!

© 2018


  1. Hi Radka lovely happy post,love your Easter Dpring decorations and your buns look very yummy,happy Easter my friend xx

  2. Your bread looks delicious! I love all your Easter decorations, such gorgeous colours. I hope you are having a lovely Easter. xx

  3. Have a lovely Easter weekend, thanks for sharing all your decoration ideas. :)

  4. HI Radka,
    wonderful decoration! I wish you happy Easter, too!

    LG Klaudia

  5. Happy Easter, Radka! Your Easter decorations are beautiful.

  6. Your Easter bread looks delicious...a lovely tradition. I love your beautiful quilt and Spring decorating x

  7. Happy Easter Radka. Your home is beautifully decorated for Easter. I particularly like your candelabra. Your Easter bread sooks so good. Is it an enriched dough? It looks slightly like a brioche inside and a bit richer than a HX bun. I am going to spend today relaxing after our Easter party yesterday.

  8. Hello ,I just found you ! :) What a pretty Easter display you have made and I love your quilt ...I will be popping in again from time to time .Happy Easter to you . Debbie :)

  9. Your house looks so lovely for Easter. I know I should make more effort at this time, just as we do at Christmas. Maybe next year!

    Love the quilt.


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