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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tuesday baking and little bit more of Santa's Village

The backing fabric for St Germain quilt arrived from Billow Fabrics, half price in their Sale, so I am very pleased.
That means that I have no excuse, 2 quilts to quilt now.
But I needed a break from all that, and luckily I have several "in between" projects on a go, so there is always something else to pick up. My eyes need a change for a while.
Santa's Village is a very long term project. I am not a cross stitcher really, but I liked this the first time I saw it, one of those "must do". It is a lovely design by Country Cottage Needleworks. 
So last night I finished "Candy Cane Cottage", the 6th in the set.

Six done,

and six to do.

The basic colours are the same all throughout, 
but each cottage has an additional colour threads and a button to stitch on.

After the miserable weather over the holiday weekend, today is a real spring day.
And despite the bad weather we had, things are happening in our garden.

First camellia blossom is out,

and miniature Japanese cherry is nearly fully out.

Today's baking is a simple one. I used the basic recipe for Marbled cake, just without the "marble",
6 oz flour, 6 oz butter, 6 oz sugar (but I used less, because I am using sugar with Stevia), 3 eggs.
Plus some sultanas soaked in Amaretto instead of "marble".

It was the first time I used spelt flour for this cake; 
I ended up using white and wholemeal together because I did not have enough of the white, 
but it did work well together.

Only after I realised I forgot to add vanilla, despite the fact I had it ready.
No problem, little vanilla sugar sprinkled on top.

The result is a light and moist cake; 
I will definitively used spelt flour again for this recipe.

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  1. I love those little Christmas stitcheries; they are utterly charming. What will you do with them? And your cake looks delicious. How does the Stevia affect the taste or can you tell any difference at all?

  2. Radka, krásny projekt na vyšívanie!
    Bábovka vyzerá veľmi dobre!
    Krásne jarné dni!

  3. Live your beautiful Christmas stitcheries, the cake looks delicious.

  4. Love not live your stitcheries Radka 😁

  5. I was a cross stitcher before I started quilting and now love doing both. Your Christmas stitching is just gorgeous, this is one of the series that I plan to buy one day. Yummy cake, i love baking but wouldn't have thought of using spelt flour. x

  6. Your Santa's Village stitcheries are adorable!

  7. I am not a cross stitcher either but the little houses are so sweet. The cake recipe is interesting. I have never used spelt flour so does it affect the texture at all?. The cake looks wonderful, moist and light.

  8. Your cake looks delicious. What pretty little stitcheries and I love the buttons. The rain is back today! xx

  9. Your cake looks delicious. I love Amaretto so might just try this one. Love the stitcheries. :)

  10. Love the Christmas cross stitch, I do cross stitch but resting it at the moment. Dying to make a start on one I have had for a while but completing a needlepoint project first

    Yummy cake.

  11. I adore your sweet little candy cane cottage. What lovely designs. Gorgeous camelia Radka. Your cake looks delicious too x


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