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Friday, 20 April 2018

mini heatwave and baking Friday

Well, not exactly a heatwave, but we have gone from winter into summer in just a couple of days this week; 
up to upper twenties in our part of the world!
The garden is just soaking up the sun, and so are we.
A quick visit to the garden centre; the car park was full, suddenly we all have the same idea.....
We came home with a set of new pots for the top of the old Singer, and a couple of Vinca plants.
I planted them up the same day - the hosta nad heuchera plants came from other parts of our garden.
As this part of the garden is facing north and in some shade most of the summer, the usual flowering plants are not doing very well here, as we found out last summer.

In a month or so it should all look much fuller, with vincas trailing down the front
(well that's the idea, anyway).

And a new, scented Dianthus  for the garden table.


The recipe for today's cake came from Rachel Allen's book.

I changed it a bit by using honey instead of golden syrup.
This is a slightly different take on the usual lemon drizzle - it includes cinnamon and ginger, which gives it a rich colour. 

I used spelt flour, which I now use as my "every day" flour ( if you want to know more about spelt, please read my 4th April post).

It worked very well together, and I am pleased with the result - very moist, with a strong lemon flavour.

Very little stitching going on this week - 
I have been just enjoying the garden, and relaxing with my book.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi Radka, I love your new heading, what a beautiful bowl of flowers. This weather is so welcome after the long and dreary end to winter. I have been using a Rachel Allen cookbook for our weekend visitors. It had sat on the shelf for an age but last night we had steak au poivre and orange sorbet with Campari from it. Very Sixties but delicious. Mike is taking them to look at Worcester Cathedral this morning. My knee is too bad for walking now. Hopefully I am getting the joint replaced in early June ( if it’s not cancelled!). Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.

  2. I like your new pots - your table is going to look very pretty. Enjoy the sunshine while it's here. xx

  3. Everything looks beautiful! Delicous baking! Nothing nicer than curling up with a good book x

  4. I like your new pots too. Heucheras are a big favourite of mine.

  5. Hi Radka your plants look lovely ,wish we were getting the lovely weather here,thankyou for the yummy cake recipe and hope you enjoy your book my friend xx

  6. Páčia sa mi tvoje nové kvietky, aj tie biele črepníky :-)
    Koláčik rozvoniava až tu!

  7. The flowers and the cake both look great!

  8. I like your new pots - your table is going to look very pretty. Enjoy the sunshine while it's here. xx



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